Do You Switch Jobs Too Often?

    Not long ago, people would secure a job with a company and stay there for the majority of their career, potentially even working for a single organization until they retired. Today, professionals approach their careers differently, and often switch jobs at least a few times as they move up the ladder. Millennials are […]

How to Un-Brand Yourself as a Job Hopper

  Have you had a variety of jobs over the last few years? Maybe you were laid off, worked a lot of temporary assignments, or just had bad luck with companies closing their doors during the recession – in any case, your resume looks like you could be a job hopper. A classic job hopper […]

Are You a Job Hopper? Here’s how to Optimize Your Job Search

There are plenty of workers out there who can be considered “job hoppers”. These are folks who, for whatever reason, do not stay in one job or company for an extended length of time. While this can be detrimental for a job search, it does not have to stand in your way of getting a great […]