Massive Mistakes to Avoid While Job Seeking

  No matter how much of a “veteran” you are of the job market, a job search can still be filled with worries. Not only are you fighting possibly hundreds of people for the same job, but you could also be fighting against yourself. Those who make mistakes while searching for a job will find… Read More »

3 Good Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

As a job seeker, it can be easy to jump at a job offer as soon as possible. After all, you’ve been applying and interviewing everywhere and it’s taking a long time to get one. However, not every job offer is lined in gold. Some may lead to disaster for your personal life and for… Read More »

Kick 2015 Off Right — With 6 Job Hunting Tips

  A New Year might mean a new job for some folks who are looking for upward mobility. Whether you are preparing to enter the workforce after winter graduation, looking to switch careers or trying to find employment after a long layoff; you will want to have a strong job search in place. In today’s… Read More »

Effective vs. Ineffective Methods – How to Approach Your Job Search

At the beginning of the Great Recession, when the tides turned for the job market, suddenly there were more candidates for jobs than there were jobs available. The small business market got hit the worst. For the first time in a very long time, it became a buyer’s market. Despite improvements and signs of recovery… Read More »

Interview the Company! The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Interviewer to Convey Your Interest

As you work through the interview process, chances are good you will be answering many questions from the potential employer. You should be asking questions, too. By doing so, you will not only get your career needs met, but you will also show the potential employer your true interest in the position. Those candidates that… Read More »

Treat Every Event as a Networking Opportunity

Every event you attend, personal and business related, is an opportunity to network. Do not be the person that just shakes his head. Be the person that shakes hands, smiles and learns about the other person. Doing so could help you to find your next position. It may pay more, provide better benefits and serve… Read More »

Best Ways to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Want a new or better job this year? Social media is perhaps one of the best ways to locate and network your way to a new career. It’s a known fact that recruiters have been using social media to check out candidates behind the scenes for a while now, but they did so without candidate’s… Read More »

Real Job Search Tips for 2012

2012 is your chance to seize the opportunities and get a job or launch the career you have always wanted. It is time to make a change. The economy is still rough, with an 8.5 unemployment rate nationwide. There are positions available, but there are also many more applicants vying for those same assignments. To… Read More »

Get back out there! Rejoining the work force and restarting the job search

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a period of time, either by choice or as a result of an unexpected lapse in employment, then you may be facing the daunting task of getting back out there to rejoin the rest of the working world. It’s natural for anyone to feel intimidated, especially if… Read More »

4 Job Search Stalls to Watch Out For

What is stalling out your job search? Today’s economic conditions and bad unemployment numbers mirror the frustrations that many job seekers have. However, by some expert’s calculations, people are often sabotaging themselves out of jobs. As you are applying for various positions, ask yourself if you could be doing anything that could be hurting your… Read More »