How to Maximize Your Time After a Layoff

A layoff is a challenging experience, regardless of whether you saw it coming. It means being unemployed, usually through no fault of your own, and often leads professionals to worry about their careers. While being laid off is traumatic, to a degree, it can also be the start of something amazing. By maximizing your time,… Read More »

10 Open Jobs in Michigan Today

  If you are interested in finding any open jobs in Michigan, there are certainly plenty of them available. Here are just a few of the positions that we are working to fill right now. 1. Machine Adjuster Mechanically inclined job seekers may enjoy a position focused on machine setup, operation, cleaning and maintenance, ensuring… Read More »

4 Ways to Tell if You’re Not Getting the Customer Service Job

  While it’s wise to always be optimistic during your customer service job search, not every opportunity is going to result in an offer. In an ideal world, the company or hiring manager will clearly let you know when you aren’t going to be selected, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, they choose not… Read More »

Why Happier Job Seekers Are Successful Job Seekers

  While there is no guarantee that success can breed happiness, happiness often leads to success. And when it comes to finding a new position, happy job seekers have a leg up on the competition. But why does being happy make it easier to find a new job? Here are just a few of the… Read More »

Start Landing More Interviews Now!

  Often, the first real step to getting a new position is to land an interview, and that relies heavily on the impression left by your resume. Whether you are just beginning your job hunt or are in the middle of your search, making a few tweaks to your resume can help increase your odds… Read More »

Does Your Workplace Make Itself Transparent?

  We live in a world that revolves around information. People expect to be able to look up what they want to know, when they want to know it, regardless of what it is. Your employees are no different. They want to understand the company’s mission, and how their work fits in. They want to… Read More »

5 Tips for a Stress-Free First Week at Your New Temp Job

  A new temp job can be an exciting experience, especially if it’s the first time you’ve been employed in a while. But, just like anything else, it can also be a little nerve-wracking because one never knows what to expect. The first week can be especially brutal because you will be encountering new people,… Read More »