Looking for the Best People? Try This!

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 layoffs, many companies assume that now is the time to be pickier than ever when hiring. After all, with the number of available candidates has risen dramatically, it’s easy to assume that finding a skilled professional with every one of your must-haves will be easier. However, rigid requirements don’t […]

Need Candidates NOW? The Advance Group Has Them!

Many companies struggle to find the exceptional candidates they need to fill their open positions. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and surprisingly costly. Plus, if you are overburdened with your regular duties, handling hiring becomes a challenge. But, if you need great candidates now, you can’t afford to wait. Luckily, there is a better […]

What’s More Important: How a Job Candidate Acts or What They’ve Accomplished

  When hiring managers evaluate candidates, they typically focus on what the job seeker has achieved during their career. Then, they try to select the candidate with the right skills and accomplishments that suggest they could provide value to the company if they are hired. However, how a professional behaves on the job may incidentally […]

The Painful Truth All Job Seekers Face

  For the vast majority of job seekers, landing the first opportunity they find isn’t going to be in the cards. Being rejected simply comes with the territory, as not every professional is a perfect fit for every position. Even though rejection is part of the process, dealing with it can be a challenge. It […]