Are Your Employees Your Main Priority?

Today, many companies are struggling against a labor shortage. Professionals don’t view their careers the same way, and many are leaving employers in droves to find new opportunities that better align with their needs. If a company wants to remain competitive, they need to adopt the right mindset regarding their workforce. Here’s a look at […]

Why Manufacturing Companies Need to Focus on Company Culture More

The manufacturing industry has long been a part of the American economy. While it suffered greatly during the last major recession, the sector ultimately rebounded. Many of the lost jobs eventually returned, which initially seemed like a boon. However, many manufacturing companies struggle to find and retain skilled and dedicated employees. Engagement often wains for […]

What Is Your 3-Year Employer Plan?

As an employer, you know you can’t leave your success to chance. Effective strategic planning is essential, both for the short- and long-term, if you want to excel. By creating a three-year plan, you are covering today as well as the near-future, giving your company a roadmap that aligns with your goals. It can serve […]

Need Better Ohio Employees? Read This

  Finding the right job seekers to fill your vacant jobs can feel like a challenge. After all, you have an ideal candidate in mind, but actually locating top talent that meets your needs isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are things you can do to find better Ohio employees for your positions, ensuring you have […]

How to Collaborate Like an NCAA Champion

  If you want to create a culture brimming with innovative and unique ideas, then collaboration is your key to success. When small groups work toward solving a problem or reaching a particular goal, the results tend to be better than if only one or two people were taking on the task. But, the ability […]

Working with Difficult People? Make the Situation Easier with This Advice

  Typically, one of the most challenging parts of any job is working with other, potentially difficult people, even if you all generally get along. But, when a co-worker is particularly difficult, the situation quickly becomes more stressful, making it hard to get tasks completed or simply remain in a good mood. While you can’t […]