What Is the Difference Between MIG and TIG Welding?

If you are thinking about becoming a welder, you might have learned that there is more than one type of welding. Companies may look for candidates with specific welding skills, such as inert metal gas (MIG) or tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding experience or training. By knowing what the difference is between MIG and TIG […]

Add These Skills to Boost Your Welding Resume

  When it comes to manufacturing, welders play critical roles in a range of production, construction, and industrial environments. They may help build buses or aircraft, repair buildings and structures, or assist in any scenario where metal parts need to be joined together. This means there can be a lot of exciting opportunities for skilled […]

These Welding Jobs Are Available Today!

  If you enjoy working with your hands and seeing the results of your efforts at the end of the day, then being a welder can be a great career option. This skilled trade requires significant attention to detail, a strong skill set, and the desire to produce high-quality results. Throughout the area, welders are […]

Comparing Yourself to Your Welding Co-Workers: Does It Ever Pay Off?

  Throughout your life, you’ve likely heard the advice to “stop comparing yourself to others.” Typically, this is good advice, as focusing on how you measure up to those around you can be a tiresome and frustrating experience. However, there are times when comparing yourself to your welding co-workers can actually reap some benefits, as […]