Start Offering Employee Feedback More Often for Better Results

  Employee feedback and recognition at work is vitally important to the culture of the company, the attitudes of the employees, and the overall success of the business. Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated for the work they perform. In fact, status is not just about how much a person makes, but also the […]

How to Perform Meaningful Employee Evaluations This Year

Each year, thousands of HR practitioners and managers are faced with the task of conducting annual employee evaluations. This is a task most often used to measure each employee’s effectiveness on the job, a factor that increases productivity and company revenues. But the biggest complaint about employee evaluations is that they don’t have any real […]

Nobody Likes Your Performance Review!

  Whether you believe so or not, employees generally do not like the performance reviews conducted by their employers, no matter how interesting or ‘fun’ the company thinks they are. No one within a company wants to hear how they performed below expectations on an annual basis, even if they actually performed well. On the […]