Two Ways to Recruit and Retain Better in 2020

The talent war has been taxing companies for several years. Many employers are having trouble locating and retaining the skilled professionals they need to excel. The hiring landscape is competitive, and it easily classifies as a job seekers’ market. As a result, businesses have to use different recruitment and retention approaches. Otherwise, they will continue… Read More »

Your Hiring Process Should Be All About Your Candidates

  In the last year, it’s become increasingly apparent that it’s a candidate-driven market. It’s only going to continue as unemployment rates drop and new companies move into the Detroit, MI area. With this in mind, when is the last time you looked at your company’s hiring process from the perspective of candidates? Do you… Read More »

Can You Spot the Signs of a Bad Hire?

  Being responsible for making hires at your company can be stressful because of the weight of making a new hire. You need to sift through hundreds of resumes, conduct multiple interviews with at least a handful of candidates and then whittle the crop down to a final two candidates. Then, you need to make… Read More »

Are You Conducting Post-Interview Reviews?

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their hiring decisions because the cost of a bad hire can be astronomical. Companies also do not want to waste the time of the candidates they interview. This is why some companies have begun conducting post-interview reviews. More companies should take part in this exercise in… Read More »

Modern Day Compensation: What Do Employees Value These Days?

Modern day compensation is not all about the money. While many companies are focusing on driving key professionals into their organizations, if they only focus on providing a paycheck, they could miss the best professionals in the market. While a salary needs to remain competitive, it is far from the only thing that today’s professional… Read More »

The Importance of Hiring a Social Candidate – Who Doesn’t Just Look Good on Paper

Hiring the right candidate takes more than just looking at what the professional can do based on his or her paper application. Many employers are spending time researching and learning about candidates more fully, outside of the standard resume. Recruiters want to know if a candidate is social and what their social skills are doing… Read More »

Haven’t Hired in a While? Advice for Recruiting New Hires

After a period filled with economic uncertainty, many companies are facing a new dilemma. They now need to fill positions that were either vacated or eliminated over the past several years. The problem is that many companies have had a freeze on hiring for long enough that they’ve gotten out of the practice of hiring… Read More »

Job Offer Letters: What to Include and What to Avoid

People who enjoy watching horse racing are familiar with horses coming “out of the gate”. This term refers to how smoothly a horse leaves the starting gate, which can give the horse a good starting position in the race. It also helps to contribute to how successful the horse will be. In a way, this… Read More »

Should You Avoid Hiring Over-qualified Applicants?

As our nation faces even more challenges in the job market, recruiters everywhere continue to encounter a great influx of candidates for fewer job openings than ever before – many of whom are overqualified. While this can be a difficult situation for any hiring manager to decide if taking a risk on an overqualified candidate… Read More »

Stop Hiring Quitters: How to Avoid Employees Who Won’t Commit

As if dealing with the normal employee turnover and corporate layoff’s isn’t stressful enough for HR departments, here comes candidates who are just looking for the next stepping stone. We’ve all seen them – candidates who seem to be perfect for the job, act enthusiastic about the assignment and seem to be genuinely interested in… Read More »