When to Bid Farewell to a Flakey Job Seeker

  More often than not, a job seeker will be accommodating and appreciative of your taking time to meet with them, even if they do not end up with the position. However, there are times when a candidate becomes a problem. While unexpected things happen to us all, if it seems that all of the […]

Why “Hiring People Smarter Than You” is a Good Leadership Practice

  There are so many management professionals out there who refuse to hire people smarter than them because they fear it will lead to them losing their job. The simple fact of the matter, however, is that it is important to hire people smarter than you for various reasons. One of those reasons is that […]

Should You Hire Someone Who Doesn’t Give Their Two Weeks’ Notice?

  In the course of an interview, you (the hiring manager) asks the candidate when they can start. The candidate responds with, “When would you like me to start?” In a perfect world, you could request that this perfect candidate start right away, but realistically the candidate is currently working for someone else and must […]

What To Do With “Out of the Box” Job Candidates

  As a hiring manager, you’ve probably seen a wide range of candidates who vary from underqualified to perfect for the company. But, every once in a while, a candidate comes across your desk with skills and experience that fall outside of the box. This is someone who could potentially add a great deal of […]

5 Ways To Find Hardworking Millennials

  Millennials are overtaking the workforce as baby boomers continue to retire, which is why companies are trying to find new ways to land hardworking millennials. Some are incredibly easy to find because they work internships with a company before receiving an offer of employment. Others might not be so easy to find because they […]

Why You Should be Recruiting More Passive Candidates

  In the recruitment market, there is always a push for hiring the highest quality of candidates, and placing them in the jobs that are the best match. But this often poses as a huge challenge, because these great candidates are hard to find in high-demand industries. This is when recruiters turn to passive candidate […]