Burned Out from Working at Home? Try This!

COVID-19 led to an unprecedented situation. As shelter-in-place orders began to emerge, many companies had little choice but to send their employees home, launching telecommuting programs to maintain operations. While many professionals thrive when working remotely, the stress of the situation and lack of in-person contact can be draining. As a result, burnout is also […]

How to Support Successful Remote Work

There are a lot of pluses that come with working remotely, both for employers and employees. It may be easier to maintain work/life balance, boosting morale. Productivity can often be higher thanks to the reduction in interruptions that make it simpler to focus. However, remote work also has its fair share of challenges. It’s hard […]

When is it Appropriate to Let Your Staff Work from Home?

  Technology has made it possible for more workers to complete their job duties regardless of where they are located. And with these advances comes the ability to work from home. But the big question for many managers is simple; when is it appropriate to let your staff work from home? The trick is if […]

4 Tips for a Long-Distance Job Search that Get Results

Several areas of the country have faced worse economic conditions than others. Some areas have been so depressed there is little prospect for opportunities for job seekers. As a result, many people have decided to conduct a long-distance job search to try and find employment in other communities. Trying to conduct a long distance job […]