Modern Day Compensation: What Do Employees Value These Days?

Modern day compensation is not all about the money. While many companies are focusing on driving key professionals into their organizations, if they only focus on providing a paycheck, they could miss the best professionals in the market. While a salary needs to remain competitive, it is far from the only thing that today’s professional […]

The Importance of Hiring a Social Candidate – Who Doesn’t Just Look Good on Paper

Hiring the right candidate takes more than just looking at what the professional can do based on his or her paper application. Many employers are spending time researching and learning about candidates more fully, outside of the standard resume. Recruiters want to know if a candidate is social and what their social skills are doing […]

Enhance your resume by volunteering

Interning isn’t just for college kids anymore. In today’s workforce, time between jobs can be turned to your advantage if you hone your skills or develop new ones, by volunteering. True, you won’t get college credit (or a salary) but the benefits include some valuable ones: Learn New Skills: Perhaps your old job as a […]