4 Tips for Onboarding Temps | Temporary Employees Toledo Ohio

Many companies have onboarding programs designed to welcome new employees to the company during the first few weeks on the job. Yet, they forget that temp employees can also benefit from an onboarding process. Multiple workplace studies have shown that when temporary employees have access to onboarding support, they often perform to higher standards sooner […]

Hire Great Temps – Here’s How!

When projects are looming and your business is falling behind in human capital, one of the better options is to seek the support of a temporary workforce. There are a number of benefits of hiring temporary workers for your business. The benefits include having fast access to skilled and specialized laborers, more flexible staffing options, […]

How to use LinkedIn to get more exposure for your job posting

Though much of the attention in this economy is focused on job seekers, employers trying to hire just the right person for a position need to know how and where to post their open job to attract the right candidates. Making use of targeted social media is one way and, when it comes to networking […]