Part-Time Jobs: How This Flexible Option Could Work for You

When many candidates launch job searches, they focus on full-time positions. In some cases, this is intentional. However, in many situations, it’s simply a default. Overlooking part-time roles isn’t based on a genuine need for full-time work. Instead, it’s due to an assumption that it’s the better option. In reality, part-time jobs can be a […]

You’re Making Your Job Harder Than It Should Be…

  While every job is going to be challenging, at least at times, that doesn’t mean it should feel like a slog each and every day. If even the simplest tasks seem to take an eternity, or like they are harder for you than anyone else in your workplace, it’s possible that it isn’t the […]

Setback at Work? No Problem! Here’s How to Recover

  At some point in almost everyone’s career, there will be a setback. It could be as simple as not performing well during an interview or as dramatic as being unexpectedly laid off. Regardless of the situation, facing career challenges is part of the norm, so it is critical to find ways to manage these […]

Why Happier Job Seekers Are Successful Job Seekers

  While there is no guarantee that success can breed happiness, happiness often leads to success. And when it comes to finding a new position, happy job seekers have a leg up on the competition. But why does being happy make it easier to find a new job? Here are just a few of the […]

Don’t Let These Phrases Ruin Your Job Interview

  It isn’t easy to sit across from a hiring manager and talk about your experience. Often, you have a variety of talking points you’ve reviewed in advance that you are trying to remember while also being ready to answer any question that wasn’t as expected. Add to that at least a bit of nervousness, […]