Unemployed? Do These 3 Things Today!

When you’re unemployed, your first priority is often finding new opportunities. While a job search can certainly be a lot of work, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you should be doing with your time. Certain other activities can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re unemployed and want to set yourself up for long-term success, […]

Never Call Yourself This…

As the coronavirus outbreak fundamentally altered the daily lives of people all across the globe, more than 17 million Americans found themselves without a job in a matter of weeks. For the vast majority, it’s was entirely unexpected. Additionally, the job loss had nothing to do with their capabilities or performance; it was merely a […]

Is This Why You’re Out of Work?

When you’re unemployed, it’s common to feel a bit anxious. Usually, the solution is to focus on your job search, ensuring you are exploring every viable opportunity that comes available. However, if you keep sending out applications but aren’t getting any offers, there could be a reason. If your job search isn’t producing any results, […]

How Much Does It Cost to Be Unemployed?

  Being unemployed creates financial challenges. After all, you may be receiving little-to-nothing as income, depending on whether you qualify for unemployment benefits. A few factors can impact the total cost of being unemployed, including how long it takes to secure a job and the kinds of expenses you have to manage as part of […]