Volunteering Won’t Just Get You on the Nice List: It Can Also Help Your Career!

Many professionals enjoy giving back to their communities and helping those in need. While volunteering is often viewed as mainly altruistic, that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you as well. By helping others, you can actually boost your career. If you’re wondering how, here’s a look at how volunteering can benefit you professionally. Build Valuable […]

Start Volunteering This Summer to Boost Your Resume

  When you want to catch a hiring manager’s attention, having relevant experience on your resume is often a must. But, if you are a recent graduate looking for their first position, working to shift into a different field, or are rejoining the workforce after a hiatus, you may be limited when it comes to […]

Enhance your resume by volunteering

Interning isn’t just for college kids anymore. In today’s workforce, time between jobs can be turned to your advantage if you hone your skills or develop new ones, by volunteering. True, you won’t get college credit (or a salary) but the benefits include some valuable ones: Learn New Skills: Perhaps your old job as a […]