The Mistake You’re Making With Workplace Inclusion

  Even as more companies begin to focus on diversity and inclusion, progress has been incredibly slow going. Many demographics are substantially underrepresented in a variety of fields. Additionally, a significant number of minorities continue to experience bullying and harassment on a regular basis, while others simply don’t feel comfortable in their workplaces. Often, company […]

Why You Need to Work on Workplace Diversity

  Most business leaders understand the value of diversity in the workplace. Bringing people together from different backgrounds can lead to innovation and more effective problem solving, allowing the cumulative life experience of the team to create additional value. However, when it comes to creating a diverse workplace, not all companies take the right approach. […]

Want to Diversify Your Workforce? Start Doing This!

  The idea that diversity in the workplace improves production and increases innovation isn’t new. However, many companies struggle to either attract a more diverse group of applicants or hire people from various groups. Luckily, there are techniques that can help you diversify your workforce. Here are a few you can start using today. Provide […]

Increase Your Workplace Diversity with These Tips

  Companies understand the need to support workplace diversity, but many businesses aren’t sure how to change their hiring approach to attract more top female candidates. Organizations often default to perks oriented to their women employees including anything from providing feminine products for free in the company restrooms to providing spaces dedicated to breastfeeding mothers. […]

Why Your Workforce Needs More Diversity – And How It Helps Your Bottom Line!

  Diversity in the workplace is often lauded, seen as a necessity for business success, but many hiring managers neglect to look into why diversity matters. Understanding Diversity The term diversity is used to reference the differences between individuals, as well as how those differences are perceived.  Whether in regards to race, gender, age, or […]