Jermain Smith

“Hi Rylee, everything is going great. Thanks for checking in. I’m now eligible to be hired into Piston. I’m excited and happy, I finally have a great place to work where I feel appreciated. They show me the respect I deserve for being a hard worker who shows up everyday to handle business.”

Amber Fuqua

“I was last working at a carwash, and I found myself seeking a position with better hours and less exposure to the harsh winter weather. Advance Group, along with Ellen’s guidance, made the application process incredibly smooth and efficient. The quick and thorough hiring process instilled confidence that I would find the right fit. My […]

Michael Robinson

“After quitting my last job in November, I decided to take a month break with the intent of starting the new year off fresh. I had applied at another temp service, only to remember why I stopped dealing with them years ago. I happened to be out driving with my girlfriend and saw an Advance […]

John Pfenning

“Choosing Advance was a no-brainer for me. After a misfit in my last job, I remembered their friendliness and efficiency from working with them in the past. Now, they make everything easy and convenient, offering benefits and 401k. Not only a job… feels more like a lifetime opportunity. I love the job, the people, the […]

Kevin Highsmith

“Advance really stands out for their flexibility and amount of opportunities. They consistently check in, unlike other agencies. I appreciate the flexibility and uplifting atmosphere at my job. I highly recommend Advance to others for their caring and motivational approach – they truly value their people.”

Michael Kasprzak

Choosing Advance for its friendliness and understanding, I appreciate the ease of the placement process. The straightforward, meaningful jobs have a positive impact on both me and my new employer. I love the job’s simplicity and recommend Advance for their helpful team, ensuring quick placement in a fitting job.