There’s a New Safety Priority at Your Workplace

  If your work environment is loud, noise-induced hearing loss is a possibility. Companies across the country are striving to limit these risks by providing employees with suitable amounts of protection and working to reduce high decibel levels. One OSHA report shows organizations have had to pay out around $1.5 million in damages for failing… Read More »

Employee Engagement That Works for Everyone

  While technology has been a boon in many workplaces, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Today, people expect their information in quick snippets and, at times, even instantaneously. This has led to the rise of efficient collaboration software, but has also rendered communications options like email, employee newsletters, and even intranet announcements to become less… Read More »

How to Properly Onboard Your New Welders

  When a new welder comes in on their first day, some companies don’t spend much time familiarizing them with the environment, introducing them to team members, or providing them with helpful information that will allow them to excel. Instead, they give them the basics of what they need to know and then largely leave… Read More »

Keep Your Michigan Workplace Engaged This Summer With These Tips

  When it comes to managing productivity, summer can be one of the most challenging periods. Many employees begin heading out on vacations, or are at least planning them, and it isn’t uncommon for thoughts about spending time out of the office to dominate the workplace, especially on beautiful summer days. During the summer, focusing… Read More »

This Summer is the Right Time to Kick-Start Your Wellness Program

  When it comes to selecting or choosing to remain with an employer, professionals are putting more emphasis on the organization’s culture than ever before. This means that providing benefits and perks, like a wellness program, can work in your favor. While the idea of creating a wellness program seems challenging, there are a number… Read More »

June is National Safety Month …

11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping …  Click here We are trying to work to raise awareness of what it takes to keep each other safe. Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.… Read More »

Why “Hiring People Smarter Than You” is a Good Leadership Practice

  There are so many management professionals out there who refuse to hire people smarter than them because they fear it will lead to them losing their job. The simple fact of the matter, however, is that it is important to hire people smarter than you for various reasons. One of those reasons is that… Read More »

Are You Working Too Much? Here Are Some Telltale Signs

  Has it occurred to you that you might be working too much? You may have the nagging feeling that you are starting to get burned out or just not as enthusiastic about your job as you used to be. It’s not uncommon for people to feel this way, especially if they’ve been on the… Read More »

How to Create a “Performance Improvement Plan”

  In every workplace there are bound to be a few employees who struggle with performance issues. This can be a source of stress for managers who only want to bring out the best in their people. Performance reviews are designed to help manager’s pinpoint specific areas where employees need improvement. But what if you… Read More »