Why Your Manufacturing Company Should have a Blog

Blogging is big business these days. Retail businesses and major corporations fully understand this. Unfortunately, some manufacturing businesses have been slow to understand this trend. Venturing into social media can seem like a scary concept for those who are new to online marketing. However, blogs aren’t going away and they can actually be important tools… Read More »

Are You Taking Unnecessary Risks with Your Supply Chain?

Risks are a part of managing the supply chain in any business. There are going to be situations where taking risks are a good thing, like launching a new product or replacing one item with another. Yet, in order for a business to maintain success, most of the risk needs to come out of this… Read More »

Motivating Your Employees to be Productivity Machines

Motivating employees in the industrial and manufacturing sector is not always easy. The work can be dull and boring. It can be something that people dread doing. However, as an HR manager, you should be fully understanding of the fact that productivity will make or break any business. Without hard working employees, even to the… Read More »

Engage your Front Line Employees to Drive Growth

In a scenario in which management and front line employees remain distant to each other, there’s an increasing gap present in the ability to drive a business. In short, numerous studies, various research programs, and reports teach that a top-down strategy within the business environment is not a quality substitute for engaging employees and managers… Read More »

What Workers Want from their Bosses this Summer

What can employers do to enable employees to be happier on the job? One thing they can do is to realize that summer is not when most workers want to put in long hours. Rather, a study found that in the summer, employees long for long weekends where they can cut out of work early… Read More »

Creating a Workplace Safety Culture

To create a safety culture within your business, do not focus solely on the safety programing. Rather, take it to the managers. Without managerial support, no type of safety program is going to be effective. Creating a safety culture, though, can yield positive results and reduce losses. To do this, the employer must prioritize the… Read More »

5 Ways to Make Your Seasonal Hiring More Efficient

Hiring seasonal employees can be quite the challenge at times. The competition among businesses to attract top talent is fierce and heats up early during peak seasons. But, there are things you can do that will help you be more efficient and effective at finding those talented individuals to add to your roster of seasonal… Read More »

3 Emerging Technologies for Workplace Safety

Safety is a major concern for business owners today in every industry. From office and factory floor workers to delivery and long-haul truck drivers, emerging technologies are making workplaces safer every day. Here are three prime examples of technology that’s emerging to improve safety and promote wellness in the workplace. 1)   Electronic drive logs. The… Read More »

Lean Six Sigma- Reasons Your Organization Needs it

When it comes to manufacturing and engineering processes, efficiency is the key to success. The Lean Six Sigma strategy applies the best of the Six Sigma concepts within a lean production based environment. While Six Sigma focuses on reducing waste and increasing speed, lean production is focused on cutting costs and improving quality of goods.… Read More »

Be Smart about Workers’ Comp – Reducing the Costs of Claims

As an employer, your bottom line comes down to keeping staffing costs low and productivity high. This is partly achieved through providing a safe environment in which employees can do their best work. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can and do happen – costing your company a hefty sum in workers’ compensation claims and lost work hours.… Read More »