It’s an Employee Market. How Can You Come Out on Top?

Today, companies are dealing with challenges when it comes to securing talent. It’s an employee market, allowing candidates to call the shots in ways they weren’t able to before and during the height of the pandemic. As a result, many employers are left scrambling, hoping they can figure out how they can connect with job… Read More »

Text Is the New Email: Are You Using It?

In most workplaces, email has long been the standard approach for communication. The issue is, email isn’t what many of today’s candidates and professionals prefer. Instead, many Millennial and Gen Z candidates and employees actually favor texting over email. When a workplace doesn’t use texting, they are missing out on critical opportunities. Their recruitment efforts… Read More »

How to Make the Right Light Industrial Hire

Finding the right new hire for a light industrial role is essential. Every employee has to be highly capable in a manufacturing or warehousing environment. Otherwise, bottlenecks can develop within workflows, hindering overall productivity. By looking for the proper skills and using the correct hiring approach, you can find the light industrial talent you need… Read More »

Does Your Communication Style Hurt Your Company Culture?

Communication is crucial to any company’s success. When information doesn’t flow freely, the resulting bottlenecks and siloes can lead to struggles. Not all employees are working with the most current data, which can lead to issues with output quality, divided priorities, and more. Plus, poor communication harms morale. If employees have to redo work because… Read More »

How to Find Better Employees During a Talent Shortage

Today, companies all across the country are experiencing recruitment woes. A talent shortage has made finding candidates for a wide variety of roles incredibly challenging. As a result, many organizations are operating shorthanded, causing productivity to fall significantly. While it may seem like employers have very few options for overcoming the talent shortage, that isn’t… Read More »

Don’t Just Be a Boss, Be a Coach!

Today, employees have different expectations of their managers. In some cases, the difference is generational, with Millennial and Gen Z professionals seeking more support and guidance than previous generations. At times, the pandemic may play a role, as many employees reevaluated their preferences and priorities based on how their work situations unfolded during the crisis.… Read More »

Do You Have a Plan to Hire Contingent Employees?

While a substantial amount of progress has been made, the pandemic is still impacting the world in significant and, at times, unexpected ways. Companies can’t rely on past data to determine their future workforce needs with the same degree of ease. As a result, maintaining a level of flexibility is essential. As everyone navigates the… Read More »

Are Your Employees Your Main Priority?

Today, many companies are struggling against a labor shortage. Professionals don’t view their careers the same way, and many are leaving employers in droves to find new opportunities that better align with their needs. If a company wants to remain competitive, they need to adopt the right mindset regarding their workforce. Here’s a look at… Read More »

What Are You Doing to Meet Workers’ New Expectations?

Today, the landscape is changing. While many assumed that companies would have little trouble attracting and retaining workers after the pandemic, that isn’t what occurred. Instead, the workforce has new expectations of their employers, and the labor market is firmly in workers’ hands for the first time in years. If companies want to attract and… Read More »

Onboarding Tips to Find and Keep Better Employees

The quality of your onboarding process has a significant impact on both recruitment and retention. If your onboarding experience is poor, the odds that incoming employees will drop out go up dramatically. Additionally, if the process doesn’t set new hires up for success, the chances that they’ll get frustrated in the role rise, making it… Read More »