What Types of PPE Do You Need for Your Workplace?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures that your employees are as safe as possible when they perform potentially dangerous tasks. Often, it limits their exposure to hazards or mitigates the impact of an accident, reducing the worker’s odds of injury, illness, or even death. Determining which kind of PPE your workplace needs is often a relatively… Read More »

How to Make Your Temporary Employees Feel Like Part of the “Big Picture”

When you want your team to flourish, engagement is critical. While many companies go above and beyond to ensure their permanent staff is motivated to succeed, that level of attention isn’t always paid to temporary employees. As a result, your contingent workforce might not feel like a part of the “big picture,” and that can… Read More »

Is It Time to Consider Untapped Candidate Pools?

The hiring landscape is challenging. Many companies struggle to find the top talent they need, mainly if it involves an in-demand skill that’s in short supply. Usually, turning to your typical candidate pool isn’t the way to go. If it didn’t generate great results last time, there’s a decent chance it doesn’t connect with the… Read More »

Continuing Employee Education Is a Simple Perk You Need to Offer

Many companies struggle to justify continuing education for their employees, causing them not to offer the opportunity. As a line item, it doesn’t appear to positively impact revenue, leading many businesses to underestimate the value of this kind of training. That can be a severe mistake. Continuing employee education is incredibly beneficial, both to the… Read More »

Background Checks Have Changed in 2020: What’s New?

The background check landscaping is changing. Many states and cities are creating new rules regarding what employers can and can’t do. Failing to follow the laws typically comes with some pretty severe consequences, both legally and financially. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on what’s new when it comes to background checks,… Read More »

What Are Job Seekers Looking for in an Employer? (And Do You Have It?)

Securing the best and brightest talent can be a challenge. Often, employers focus on their needs above all else, putting a significant amount of effort into finding and retaining professionals who can help them excel. The issue is, if your company doesn’t have a strong enough employer value proposition, keeping your top performers on board… Read More »

Need Candidates NOW? The Advance Group Has Them!

Many companies struggle to find the exceptional candidates they need to fill their open positions. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and surprisingly costly. Plus, if you are overburdened with your regular duties, handling hiring becomes a challenge. But, if you need great candidates now, you can’t afford to wait. Luckily, there is a better… Read More »

3 Benefits to Upskilling Your Workforce

If a company wants to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape, they need to make sure that their employees are highly capable. Since the workplace changes rapidly, having the right skills available is essential if an organization wants to thrive. When a workforce is lacking specific capabilities, many companies assume they need to look… Read More »

The Labor Market Is Tightening. Here’s How to Still Land the Best Talent

The unemployment rate in the United States has been shockingly low for a long time. For more than a year, it has remained below 4 percent, and it’s been more than three years since it crossed 5 percent. As a result, it’s is incredibly challenging for companies to find the talent they need. To make… Read More »

Why Manufacturing Companies Need to Focus on Company Culture More

The manufacturing industry has long been a part of the American economy. While it suffered greatly during the last major recession, the sector ultimately rebounded. Many of the lost jobs eventually returned, which initially seemed like a boon. However, many manufacturing companies struggle to find and retain skilled and dedicated employees. Engagement often wains for… Read More »