How to Support Successful Remote Work

There are a lot of pluses that come with working remotely, both for employers and employees. It may be easier to maintain work/life balance, boosting morale. Productivity can often be higher thanks to the reduction in interruptions that make it simpler to focus. However, remote work also has its fair share of challenges. It’s hard… Read More »

Do You Need to Change Your Leadership Style Post-COVID?

Today, it still isn’t entirely clear what a post-COVID-19 landscape will look like, mainly because the situation remains fluid. While re-opening efforts are moving forward, there’s also the looming threat of a resurgence. Additionally, it isn’t known when an effective treatment or vaccine will be widely available. During unprecedented times, the leadership approaches of yesteryear… Read More »

Which Lessons Learned from the Pandemic Apply to Your Business?

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. Companies and employees faced challenging situations, often with little notice. Now, most of the initial adapting is over, and businesses are reaching a level of homeostasis. As a result, it’s possible to take some time to reflect, allowing everyone to examine any lessons they learned along the way that… Read More »

Pre-COVID Pay Rates Just Won’t Cut It…

While the COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread unemployment, that doesn’t mean employers shouldn’t consider raising their pay rates. Competitive salaries are critical for attracting top talent, and, today, employers don’t just have to outdo their competitors; they also have to outshine the government. In response to COVID-19, unemployment compensation was boosted. Along with extending eligibility,… Read More »

This Hiring Secret Is Good News for Michigan Businesses

Many Michigan businesses have been struggling with hiring challenges. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment was low, especially in specific sectors like technology. If your goal was to secure in-demand talent, you ran the risk of positions remaining open for a period, a move that could result in a better quality higher put sacrificed productivity in… Read More »

Planning to Go Back to Your Workplace? You’ll Need These Three Things First

Many states are well into their reopenings, and professionals are heading back to their workplaces in increasing numbers. While this can be a positive sign economically, it also means introducing a health risk into your life. If you are about to head back, being prepared is a must if you want to stay safe. Here… Read More »

Healthy Ways to Cope with COVID Stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stressful event. For many people, their life changed fundamentally, practically overnight. Additionally, job losses were widespread, schools suddenly closed, and it isn’t clear when “normal” will once again be achieved. Finding ways to deal with the uptick in stress is a must. Otherwise, there can be short- and long-term… Read More »

Improve Internal Communication with These Tips

Internal communication is more critical now than ever. Many professionals are working remotely, a paradigm that can make disseminating information challenging and may limit opportunities for connecting. Luckily, by taking the right steps, internal communication can occur unimpeded. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips that can help you improve. Be… Read More »

Is COVID-19 Affecting Some Workers More Than Others?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, at least to some degree. Whether it’s adapting to stay-at-home orders, being part of a coronavirus layoff, or adjusting the children suddenly being home when school was canceled, nearly everyone felt an impact. However, it’s possible that not all workers are being affected equally. If you are wondering how… Read More »

What Types of PPE Do You Need for Your Workplace?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures that your employees are as safe as possible when they perform potentially dangerous tasks. Often, it limits their exposure to hazards or mitigates the impact of an accident, reducing the worker’s odds of injury, illness, or even death. Determining which kind of PPE your workplace needs is often a relatively… Read More »