Use These Tips to Stay on Top of Your Local Market (Even Now!)

During COVID-19, business development fell by the wayside for many companies. Instead, their focus was on mere survival, ensuring they could navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving situation. Today, while the pandemic is still part of the equation, the landscape is steadying in many parts of the country. Re-opening efforts have given area companies more… Read More »

Tips for Working Well in Teams (Even Remote Ones!)

Due to COVID-19, the number of professionals working remotely is on the rise. While this is a boon for safety, it isn’t always kind to teamwork. Creating a sense of connection and collaborating effectively can be hard when you can’t gather together physically. As a result, the relationships’ quality may diminish or fail to grow,… Read More »

How to Cut Recruiting Costs (Without Losing Quality Talent!)

For many companies, one of the biggest challenges they face is recruitment. Finding top-tier talent without breaking the bank isn’t easy, particularly if you need to fill positions that require in-demand, hard-to-find skills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off. By using the right approaches, you can cut recruiting costs while maintaining quality… Read More »

Do You Know All 10 of These Workplace Safety Tips?

Workplace safety needs to be a priority for everyone. When it is, injury rates can be reduced dramatically, something that benefits every employee and the company as a whole. Learning various safety tips can help you do your part to protect yourself and everyone you work with during the day. With that in mind, here… Read More »

Your Questions on COVID-19 Employer Obligations Answered!

Families First Coronavirus Response Act                The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) requires certain employers to provide paid sick leave or expanded family medical leave to employees for specific reasons related to COVID-19. The Act affords: (1) two weeks of paid sick leave at the employee’s regular rate of pay where the employee is… Read More »

30 Years of Advancing Our Communities: Why Being a Reputable Firm Matters More Than Ever

This year, The Advance Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary. That’s three decades of helping our communities thrive, advancing the careers of job seekers, and enhancing the operations of area companies. We couldn’t be prouder of the work we get to do, supporting people and businesses in ways that really matter. By partnering with The… Read More »

Becoming an Employer of Choice

Unemployment may still be high, but that doesn’t mean great workers are easy to recruit, motivate and retain. In this video interview, Stacey Bigelow explains why becoming an employer of choice is critical to attracting and keeping superior employees right now:   Video Transcript: Mandy Wittschen: What does it mean to be an employer of… Read More »

3 Signs You May Have Become a “Toxic” Manager

If you ask a manager to describe themselves, the odds that they’ll label themselves “toxic” are pretty slim. However, it can be hard to see yourself accurately. Even if you believe that you’re making sound leadership choices, your employees may view your actions differently. Ultimately, whether you are toxic depends more on their perspective than… Read More »

How to Support Successful Remote Work

There are a lot of pluses that come with working remotely, both for employers and employees. It may be easier to maintain work/life balance, boosting morale. Productivity can often be higher thanks to the reduction in interruptions that make it simpler to focus. However, remote work also has its fair share of challenges. It’s hard… Read More »

Do You Need to Change Your Leadership Style Post-COVID?

Today, it still isn’t entirely clear what a post-COVID-19 landscape will look like, mainly because the situation remains fluid. While re-opening efforts are moving forward, there’s also the looming threat of a resurgence. Additionally, it isn’t known when an effective treatment or vaccine will be widely available. During unprecedented times, the leadership approaches of yesteryear… Read More »