How to Become a Valuable Employee and Keep Your Job Safe

In an employment market where there is a large pool of potential employees to replace you, it becomes very important for individuals to ensure they are on the same page with employers. To make sure that your job remains yours, be a team player and be a part of the company’s success. Now more than… Read More »

Confessions of an HR Manager: Why I Love a Great Staffing Agency

A special thank you to our client, Meredith Soleau, Human Resources Director at Ed Schmidt Auto, Inc. for writing this post. I’ll never forget the first time I called Advance Staffing Services.  I was beyond stressed. My Lead Administrative Assistant was going to be out for a medical emergency, and we had no idea when… Read More »

5 Ways To Increase Retention Of Top Performing Employees

Employee turnover can be costly to employees and is of great concern to HR departments.  Replacing workers requires time and resources in both advertising a vacancy and interviewing candidates. There is also the cost of training new employees and the time to learn job duties. Costs in lost production from workers who leave, are another… Read More »

Should You Avoid Hiring Over-qualified Applicants?

As our nation faces even more challenges in the job market, recruiters everywhere continue to encounter a great influx of candidates for fewer job openings than ever before – many of whom are overqualified. While this can be a difficult situation for any hiring manager to decide if taking a risk on an overqualified candidate… Read More »

Stop Hiring Quitters: How to Avoid Employees Who Won’t Commit

As if dealing with the normal employee turnover and corporate layoff’s isn’t stressful enough for HR departments, here comes candidates who are just looking for the next stepping stone. We’ve all seen them – candidates who seem to be perfect for the job, act enthusiastic about the assignment and seem to be genuinely interested in… Read More »

5 Steps to Ensure Retention of Top Performers

It should come as no surprise that roughly half of all top performing employees are actively seeking new career opportunities. These A-list employees are typically those that have very high goals for their careers, and they will not be loyal to your company if something more attractive comes along. Companies that want to outperform their… Read More »