Switching Roles? Here’s What You Need to Put in Your Cover Letter

  Heading into a new career territory can be exciting, but it can also be difficult. As a candidate, you need to ensure the hiring manager knows your skills are a match to their needs, even if you haven’t worked in that role or field before. In order to sell the hiring manager on the… Read More »

Don’t Come to Your Next Interview Until You Read This

  If you want to succeed during your next job interview, preparation is key. Often, the effort you put in before you meet with the hiring manager has a significant impact on how you perform as an interviewee, affecting whether you receive an offer or are removed from contention. Before your next interview, you need… Read More »

Interview Questions YOU Need to Ask

    When you are looking for a new job, it is common to focus on the interview questions you’ll be expected to answer. After all, having strong responses ready is essential if you are going to impress the hiring manager. However, you are also going to be given a chance to ask your own… Read More »

Would AI Be Impressed by Your Application?

  AI is increasingly becoming part of everyday life, entering into facets that many wouldn’t have expected just a decade ago. Over recent years, it has become a staple in the recruitment process, largely as a means of screening resumes and applications to identify candidates or to source professionals for vacant roles. Essentially, hiring managers… Read More »

What Your Body Language Says in Job Interviews

  During an interview, your mouth isn’t the only thing talking. Your body language is also sending messages to the hiring manager and, if not properly managed, can even contradict the words you are saying. While most body language is fairly instinctual, you can learn to control it. If you want to make sure your… Read More »

Add These Skills to Boost Your Welding Resume

  When it comes to manufacturing, welders play critical roles in a range of production, construction, and industrial environments. They may help build buses or aircraft, repair buildings and structures, or assist in any scenario where metal parts need to be joined together. This means there can be a lot of exciting opportunities for skilled… Read More »

Don’t “Ghost” Employers!

  When it’s a job seeker’s market, candidates have a surprising amount of power. However, a side effect of shrinking labor pools and low unemployment has been the increased rate of candidates deciding to “ghost” potential employers. For example, some job seekers are choosing to no-show to interviews, instead of canceling in advance. Others are… Read More »

Don’t Be Frightened! Introverts Can Be Great Interviewees

  For job seekers who considered themselves introverts, an interview can be intimidating. After all, it requires you to share details about yourself, and that might not be something you are usually comfortable with, especially since you are probably meeting the hiring manager for the first time. However, just because interviewing may be a bit… Read More »

5 General Labor Skills That Apply to Every Job

  Certain skills are practically universally helpful. Whether you work in a general labor role or as a high-level executive, these core competencies always provide value, regardless of your profession or industry. If you are wondering which general labor skills apply to every job, here are five of the big ones. 1. Communication No matter… Read More »

5 Soft Skills Call Center Employees Must Master

  Call center employees are at the heart of the customer service experience. They often have to navigate challenging situations, ensuring the caller is satisfied and remains a loyal customer. Having the proper skill set can make the difference when it comes to succeeding in these roles. If you are or want to be a… Read More »