Don’t Be Frightened! Introverts Can Be Great Interviewees

  For job seekers who considered themselves introverts, an interview can be intimidating. After all, it requires you to share details about yourself, and that might not be something you are usually comfortable with, especially since you are probably meeting the hiring manager for the first time. However, just because interviewing may be a bit… Read More »

5 General Labor Skills That Apply to Every Job

  Certain skills are practically universally helpful. Whether you work in a general labor role or as a high-level executive, these core competencies always provide value, regardless of your profession or industry. If you are wondering which general labor skills apply to every job, here are five of the big ones. 1. Communication No matter… Read More »

5 Soft Skills Call Center Employees Must Master

  Call center employees are at the heart of the customer service experience. They often have to navigate challenging situations, ensuring the caller is satisfied and remains a loyal customer. Having the proper skill set can make the difference when it comes to succeeding in these roles. If you are or want to be a… Read More »

You Don’t Have to Always Be the “Ideal” Employee to Land the Job

  When you discover that your dream job is available, it can feel a lot like winning the lottery. But, that sense of excitement can quickly shift to feelings of doubt if you aren’t sure that you’re the ideal candidate for the position, and you may not land the job. Many companies add long lists… Read More »

The Flawless Sales Cover Letter You Need to Use

  Your sales cover letter is an essential part of your application, serving a vital role when it comes to making a positive first impression. When you craft your cover letter, you want to make sure it discusses the right information in the best possible way. To help you create a flawless sales cover letter,… Read More »

First Impressions Matter. Use This to Make a Better One!

  First impressions are powerful. They build a foundation upon which every future interaction is based, impacting how you are perceived by that person from that moment going forward. Making a strong first impression is essential, particularly when you are hoping to land a new job. But figuring out how to make a better one… Read More »

Messed Up Your Light Industrial Interview? Bounce Back with These Tips

  Sometimes, you leave an interview knowing it didn’t go well. Maybe you stumbled on a few questions or committed a faux pas that didn’t leave a great impression. Regardless of the reason, it’s never a great feeling. Messing up during your light industrial interview isn’t the end of the world, however. There are ways… Read More »

OPEN INTERVIEWS – Michigan Works Southeast

Join Us tomorrow Tuesday, August 8th 8:30am-10:30am Michigan Works! Southeast 1040 South Winter Street Adrian, Michigan 49221 Please bring 2 valid forms of ID Requirements … 18 years of age or older HS Diploma/GED Work history in the last 12 months We have multiple openings for …. Welding Assembly Machine Operators Packaging Warehouse Production Workers… Read More »

Desperate for a New Warehouse Job? Use This Advice!

  If you’ve been scouring job announcements for months with little to show for it, it can be easy to think that you should just take any new warehouse job that comes along. While this perspective is understandable, it isn’t necessarily the best move for your career. Whether you’re currently unemployed or stuck in a… Read More »