5 Tips to Make – And Keep – Your Employees Happy

  Workplace morale commonly ebbs and flows. Everything from increasing or decreasing workloads to shifts in the seasons can impact the mood in your workplace, and not always for the better. Luckily, there are things you can do as an employer to counteract declines in morale, empowering you to improve the mood of your staff.… Read More »

Use These Tips to Make Safety Training Engaging

  Engagement is critical for the learning process. If the material or approach do not capture the attention of your employees, your safety training will not be as effective. This could result in knowledge gaps, injuries, or worse, simply because your team was not giving the training their full attention. Finding ways to make your… Read More »

Stop Making Your Employees Feel “Stuck” in Meetings

  If you ask your team about their favorite part of their workday, essentially no one is going to say meetings. More often than not, these gatherings aren’t very productive. Instead, they are merely interruptions, disrupting the flow of your employees’ days. Plus, most workers have no choice but to attend. Even if the meeting… Read More »

Help Employees Create Career Plans for 2019 and Beyond!

  With the business world in a constant state of evolution, often because of advances in technology, and the labor pool shrinking, companies need to go the extra mile if they want to keep their employees engaged. Your workers are an asset and, by helping them identify clear pathways for advancement, you can show your… Read More »

Can You Keep Employees Engaged During the Busiest Time of the Year?

  When employees are scrambling at work and juggling personal responsibilities related to the holidays, keeping them engaged on the job becomes increasingly challenging. After all, your staff likely has a lot on their mind, and not all of it relates to their position. Luckily, there are things you can do to boost engagement, ensuring… Read More »

3 Ways Tech Can Improve Employee Health

  The basics of good health have remained largely unchanged over the decades, focusing on key points like getting exercise, eating balanced diets, and getting sufficient sleep. However, how people monitor success in these arenas has changed dramatically, predominately thanks to technology. When it comes to good health, the benefits extend beyond the person’s own… Read More »

Rewarding Employees Without Breaking the Bank

  When you manage an exceptional team, wanting to reward their effort is completely natural. However, many companies can’t afford to spend a bundle on their employees, or even just their top performers. When options like expensive gifts, generous bonuses, or raises aren’t affordable, it can be frustrating. This is especially true if you want… Read More »

Why You Need to Work on Workplace Diversity

  Most business leaders understand the value of diversity in the workplace. Bringing people together from different backgrounds can lead to innovation and more effective problem solving, allowing the cumulative life experience of the team to create additional value. However, when it comes to creating a diverse workplace, not all companies take the right approach.… Read More »

Employee Engagement That Works for Everyone

  While technology has been a boon in many workplaces, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Today, people expect their information in quick snippets and, at times, even instantaneously. This has led to the rise of efficient collaboration software, but has also rendered communications options like email, employee newsletters, and even intranet announcements to become less… Read More »

Are You Prepared for Your Employees’ Maternity Leave?

  When an employee is getting ready to head out on maternity leave, the situation is both exciting and daunting for the employer. Often, it means a valuable staff member will be away for an extended period, and their absence will be felt by their co-workers, manager, and even the entire company. However, if you… Read More »