How to Properly Onboard Your New Welders

  When a new welder comes in on their first day, some companies don’t spend much time familiarizing them with the environment, introducing them to team members, or providing them with helpful information that will allow them to excel. Instead, they give them the basics of what they need to know and then largely leave… Read More »

Want to Improve Retention Rates? Read This Advice!

  Improving your retention rates comes with a range of benefits. First, it means you won’t need to recruit as often, since fewer vacancies occur. Second, it can keep your costs down in key areas like recruitment and training. Finally, it creates peace of mind when high turnover is a thing of the past. Making… Read More »

Keep Your Michigan Workplace Engaged This Summer With These Tips

  When it comes to managing productivity, summer can be one of the most challenging periods. Many employees begin heading out on vacations, or are at least planning them, and it isn’t uncommon for thoughts about spending time out of the office to dominate the workplace, especially on beautiful summer days. During the summer, focusing… Read More »

3 Easy Ways Manufacturers Reduce Turnover

  Employee turnover is something every manufacturing company must manage. The cost of an employee leaving is often quite high, so focusing on retention can help businesses craft a strong workforce for the long haul and limit the amount of time, energy, and money that must be committed to finding replacement workers. Luckily, there are… Read More »

This Summer is the Right Time to Kick-Start Your Wellness Program

  When it comes to selecting or choosing to remain with an employer, professionals are putting more emphasis on the organization’s culture than ever before. This means that providing benefits and perks, like a wellness program, can work in your favor. While the idea of creating a wellness program seems challenging, there are a number… Read More »

Use Your Leadership Skills to Keep Employees Happier Longer

  Your company’s leadership team plays a big role in how employees feel while on the job. Often, managers are largely responsible for the culture of a workplace and have a significant impact on morale and engagement among workers. One issue tends to be that leaders are often preoccupied with overseeing company products and services,… Read More »

Increase Your Workplace Diversity with These Tips

  Companies understand the need to support workplace diversity, but many businesses aren’t sure how to change their hiring approach to attract more top female candidates. Organizations often default to perks oriented to their women employees including anything from providing feminine products for free in the company restrooms to providing spaces dedicated to breastfeeding mothers.… Read More »

Follow These Tips to Set Temp Employees Up For Success

  When your business could benefit from an extra person on a short-term basis, bring in temp employees may be the ideal solution.  In order to ensure that the person brought in has the highest chance to succeed, consider the following tips are part of your hiring plan. Clearly State the Job Requirements The first… Read More »

Beware These Common (And Expensive!) Workplace Injuries

  Workplace injuries and illnesses cost companies an astonishing $170 billion per year in treatment costs.  By taking the time to develop proper safety procedures, you can reduce your annual costs by approximately 20 to 40 percent, leaving more money to be used for development, growth, or other key business areas. If you are looking… Read More »

Should You Be Asking Candidates About Their Long-Term Career Goals?

  Whether you ask candidates where they see themselves in 10 years, or directly inquire about their long-term career goals, a form of this interview question has been around for ages.  While it may feel like a platitude, understanding where a candidate would like to be can provide valuable insights.  Even if an interviewee fails… Read More »