Need Help Networking for a Marketing Career? Use These 3 Tools

  Networking is a vital part of a marketing career, no matter the years of experience the candidate has. Those who do not network will find it difficult to obtain new job opportunities throughout their careers. Smart marketing candidates have cast a wide net to reel in the best career opportunities, using technology to their… Read More »

Are You Missing a Mobile Recruitment Strategy?

  Does your company have a mobile recruitment strategy in place? Perhaps it should. A recent workforce survey conducted by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute indicated that 70 percent of high-potential candidates prefer and are drawn to companies that have a mobile recruitment options. Around 12,000 workers representing organizations around the world said they use mobile… Read More »

How to Create a Better Workforce for Top Millennial Talent

  As we mentioned in a previous post, millennials are the largest generation of employees who are making an impact on the workforce today. Most recent figures put them at 53.5 million strong, and they have even outpaced the baby boomers (Pew Research, 2016). Therefore, any employer that wants to attract the best talent in… Read More »

Is “Blind Hiring” Good For Your Workforce?

  In the quest to improve diversity in hiring, companies are turning to “blind hiring” practices, which seeks to eliminate the unique characteristics of candidates before they are considered for employment. The goal of blind hiring is to bring people on board who have the skills to perform certain tasks, and not because of other… Read More »

Want to Improve Your Career? Try These Simple, Cheap or Free Classes!

  Let’s consider the job profile of a salesperson. As an effective salesperson and one who is very well versed with the product or service being sold, he or she would have some catchphrases and some really convincing arguments. Over time, these would get stale and people will no longer respond positively to the same… Read More »

Are You Missing Out on LinkedIn Endorsements?

    LinkedIn has so much to offer its users, especially when it comes to finding jobs. One feature of the social networking site that has become very popular is the ability to endorse connections. Endorsements are something that almost everyone does nowadays on LinkedIn. The point being to “endorse” — or vouch for — a… Read More »

3 Job Search Tips Manufacturing Candidates Need to Know

  Searching for a job has always been difficult, but with social media, networking and references, finding that perfect job gets a little bit easier. Working in the manufacturing field is a calling for most employees, so when it comes time to find a new job within the industry, you need to know the best… Read More »

Implement Company Policies Now – Before It’s Too Late!

When an incident occurs at the office, it is too late to discuss implementing a policy to govern such a problem. All company policies need to be implemented right now, before it is too late and something happens that can affect the entire workforce and the success of the company. In this post we will… Read More »

5 Reasons a Temp Agency can Boost Your Candidate Search

Companies routinely recruit new employees so they have someone to contact when positions become available. Waiting until the last minute to fill open jobs can hurt your chances of finding the strongest person for the job. Here, we will discuss the top five reasons why a temp agency like Advance Staffing Solutions in Detroit MI can… Read More »

Lean Manufacturing Trends for 2014

Thousands of companies across the country are trying to move towards lean manufacturing in 2014 in order to save money on operating costs and much more. The principles of lean manufacturing have always played a significant role in Michigan’s economy, and will continue to do so this year. Leading companies are employing a lot of… Read More »