Looking for a General Labor Job in Toledo? Add These Skills To Your Resume

Useful General Labor Skills to Add to Your Resume

General labor jobs can be excellent options for a wide range of professionals. They’re usually physical in nature, which can help keep you active. Plus, many of the job openings are entry-level, requiring limited experience and only foundational skills to qualify. However, the experts at our general labor employment agency in Toledo know that you can also rise through the ranks in these positions, allowing you to build a strong career.

By adding useful general labor skills to your resume, you can stand out whether you’re seeking an entry-level role or looking to move up.

A Job Placement Agency in Toledo Shares 4 General Labor Skills to Put on Your Resume

#1 Tool Operation

In many cases, general laborers will need to use a variety of hand tools while working in their roles. This can include options like drills, staple guns, and hammers, as well as any other handheld tool, including purely manual and electric options.

By highlighting this knowledge, you can showcase a critical capability on your resume, making you come across as a better candidate. Plus, if you couple that with knowledge about the safe use of tools, you can improve your position further, showcasing that you’re safety-conscious, too.

#2 Loading and Unloading

Another common responsibility for general laborers is loading and unloading. This can include removing products or materials from delivery vehicles, containers, pallets, and more, as well as packing shipments, loading trucks, and preparing pallets. Additionally, reviewing shipment inventories, packing slips, and similar documents may be required, as well as tracking inventory numbers to ensure the amount of product or materials is correct within a warehouse.

Along with highlighting relevant skills or experience, it’s often wise to mention your knowledge of safe lifting techniques if you’re familiar with them. This also speaks to the need for safety on the job, which can make you a stronger candidate.

#3 Forklift Operation

The vast majority of manufacturing, warehouse, and industrial environments have forklifts on site. As a result, being able to list that skill on your resume – as well as relevant formal training or certifications – can work in your favor.

Along with mentioning you can operate a forklift, make sure to include examples that outline the tips of materials or containers you’ve moved with one. Additionally, discuss if the forklift operation was related to other responsibilities, such as unloading or loading shipments. That gives the hiring manager critical context, making it easier for them to picture what you bring to the table.

#4 Debris Removal

In some cases, a core part of a general labor job on a construction site is to remove debris and ensure its properly and safely disposed of, as that eliminates hazards and keeps the environment cleaner. Similarly, general laborers may spend time removing discarded items – such as material packaging – on manufacturing or production floors. As a result, listing any experience in this arena can work in your favor.

Find Your Next Job with a General Employment Agency in Toledo, OH

The Advance Group is one of the top employment agencies for general labor jobs in Toledo. Our recruiters are committed to your success and will work with you to create a resume that highlights the general labor skills necessary for the job. If you’d like more insights or are interested in applying for a new general labor job, the recruiters at our job placement agency in Toledo want to hear from you!




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