It’s a Candidate Market – Speed Up Your Hiring Process to Hire the Best Ones!

  Hiring processes have lengthened over time.  Many businesses have expanded their requirements to include more than a simple interview.  Some have introduced group interviews, candidate presentations, multiple interview rounds, skills testing, and various skills or personality tests.  As of 2015, the length of the average interview process was estimated at over 22 days. If… Read More »

End Your Industrial Interview with These Never-Fail Questions

  As an industrial interview draws to a close, the last question the interviewer will ask is practically inevitable, yet it leaves a lot of candidates stumped.  When you are faced with the classic, “Do you have any questions for me?” close, take the opportunity to find out what you would like to know about… Read More »

Beware These Common (And Expensive!) Workplace Injuries

  Workplace injuries and illnesses cost companies an astonishing $170 billion per year in treatment costs.  By taking the time to develop proper safety procedures, you can reduce your annual costs by approximately 20 to 40 percent, leaving more money to be used for development, growth, or other key business areas. If you are looking… Read More »

3 Cool Tech Tools to Improve Your Job Search

  Searching for a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Whether it is working your way through applicant tracking systems, keeping multiple online profiles up-to-date, and networking through social media, technology has never been as prevalent in the process as it is today.  If you are looking for ways to stay ahead of… Read More »

No Time for Clerical Job Hunting? Use These Tips!

  For those working long hours, finding the time to look for a new office position can be a daunting task.  Whether you are working as a general office clerk or providing support to an executive, working in a high-pressure, low-paying position can take its toll. The increased stress, sleepless nights, overtime hours compiled on… Read More »

You Could Be Blowing Your Interview Before You Meet the Interviewer!

  If you think your interview doesn’t begin assessing until the interviewer enters the room, you are sorely mistaken.  The moment you walk in the door, you are being assessed, and mistakes you make now can cost you a job offer, even if the interview itself goes well. In order to give yourself the highest… Read More »

Should You Be Asking Candidates About Their Long-Term Career Goals?

  Whether you ask candidates where they see themselves in 10 years, or directly inquire about their long-term career goals, a form of this interview question has been around for ages.  While it may feel like a platitude, understanding where a candidate would like to be can provide valuable insights.  Even if an interviewee fails… Read More »

Looking for a Career in IT? Now Is the Right Time!

  Technology.  It’s in almost every environment; work, home, school, and play.  Technology continues to grow and change, creating new ways to accomplish tasks big and small in the most sophisticated office buildings and the largest production facilities. It can be said with a particular level of certainty that technology is here to stay, which… Read More »

How Can Hiring Temp Workers Improve Your Workplace?

  Are there times when you wish you had one more set of hands around the workplace? Maybe an employee is on extended leave, or your business experiences seasonal fluctuations in demand?  Maybe there is a large project looming and it will be difficult to integrate these duties amongst the other day-to-day tasks that must… Read More »

Hiring Remote Employees? Don’t Forget to Ask Them These 5 Questions!

  While most interview questions remain the same from position to position, there are unique conditions that apply to applicants for remote employees.  In order to better assess the candidate’s ability to successfully work as a remote employee, be sure to cover these five questions before you make a hiring decision. “Can we discuss the… Read More »