2021’s Top Job Seeker Motivations

While there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, the impact of the pandemic will be ongoing. It fundamentally altered candidate expectations and job seeker priorities in many cases, causing them to favor a different kind of employer in 2021. By understanding their top motivations, you can adjust your recruitment approach and… Read More »

3 Ways to Make Your Company Attractive to Future Employees

Today, professionals have an increasing number of choices when it comes to employers. Along with local opportunities, the rise of remote work has broken geographical barriers, allowing those with the right skills to work for companies all across the country from the comfort of their own home. Plus, candidates are doing an increasing amount of… Read More »

Job Applicant Priorities Have Changed. Here’s How to Keep Up!

Due to the pandemic, expectations about employment have shifted. Professionals have new priorities, causing them to favor different kinds of opportunities than they did previously. By adapting to these shifts in candidate sentiment, you can increase your odds of connecting with top talent. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that… Read More »

Why Does Hiring Take SO LONG?

When you need a new employee, dawdling isn’t typically on the table. However, even if you’re incredibly motivated, that doesn’t mean your hiring process will go quickly. It can often seem like finding the ideal candidate is closer to a marathon than a sprint, regardless of whether you’re acting with a sense of urgency. But… Read More »

Job Seekers Are Looking for Something Else Post-COVID. Do You Offer It?

COVID-19 didn’t just fundamentally alter the business landscape; it also changed employee expectations about work. In a post-COVID world, job seekers have new priorities when they are considering a new employer. And if you don’t offer what candidates are hoping to find, you may be missing out on top talent. Luckily, much of what today’s… Read More »

What Is a “Candidate Journey” and Is Yours Good Enough?

Every company that hires job seekers has a candidate journey. The candidate journey is the path that job seekers must take when they want to land one of your open positions. It involves every step in your recruitment process, starting with finding the job ad and continuing through the onboarding process. If your candidate journey… Read More »

Get Past 2021’s Recruiting Challenges With These Tips

The new year is bringing with it a unique set of recruiting challenges. COVID-19 continues to alter the landscape and may make candidate sourcing and hiring difficult for months to come, if not longer. Knowing how to navigate 2021’s recruiting challenges is a must. That way, your company can continue to thrive, even during these… Read More »

How to Cut Recruiting Costs (Without Losing Quality Talent!)

For many companies, one of the biggest challenges they face is recruitment. Finding top-tier talent without breaking the bank isn’t easy, particularly if you need to fill positions that require in-demand, hard-to-find skills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off. By using the right approaches, you can cut recruiting costs while maintaining quality… Read More »

Looking for the Best People? Try This!

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 layoffs, many companies assume that now is the time to be pickier than ever when hiring. After all, with the number of available candidates has risen dramatically, it’s easy to assume that finding a skilled professional with every one of your must-haves will be easier. However, rigid requirements don’t… Read More »

4 Tips for Hiring Remote

The COVID-19 pandemic made traditional hiring approaches inappropriate, if not wholly impossible. As a result, companies often had to turn quickly to different methods, converting their usual process into a remote one. Often, vetting candidates without getting together in-person is challenging. It may be harder to gauge culture fit, for example. Additionally, you can’t evaluate… Read More »