5 Reasons to Partner with a Manufacturing Staffing Agency

Employers are facing a tough hiring market right now. Companies are still reeling from the Great Resignation, the mass exodus from the workforce caused by factors like Baby Boomer retirements, lower workforce participation rates, and the pandemic. Employees have the leverage – and they’re more selective with the companies they choose to work for and the jobs they choose to perform.  

In the world of manufacturing, the problem is compounded. Manufacturing operations tend to have a natural ebb and flow in demand – there are busy periods and less-busy periods throughout the year. That makes staffing difficult. Manufacturers need adequate support when it’s necessary to complete projects on time, but they don’t want to waste money on labor costs when they don’t need the extra help.  

That’s where a manufacturing staffing agency comes in. A staffing firm that specializes in manufacturing can help your company source the skilled workers you need, right when you need them. And because manufacturing recruiters specialize in this unique industry, you can rest assured you’re getting the right people, every time. 

Read on as The Advance Group, a recognized leader among temp agencies in Ohio and Michigan, shares five reasons why manufacturing companies should use staffing agencies.  

#1: Manufacturing Staffing Agencies Reduce Expenses 

The number-one reason for most manufacturing companies to utilize a manufacturing staffing agency is because it’s cost effective. There are many ways that allowing an experienced agency to source and screen qualified candidates for you saves your business money.  

First, you won’t have to rely on your HR department to conduct screening and recruiting. This is outsourced for you, saving you both time and money. When you don’t have to spend additional resources on sourcing and hiring, you can put that money directly back into your business. 

Manufacturing staffing agencies also help to onboard and train employees for your company, and many conduct safety training as well. This helps you save on training expenses that you would otherwise incur. Finally, staffing agencies take on the burden of payrolling – including taxes, unemployment expenses, workers’ compensation, and more – for temporary employees. This shields your business from financial losses and the risk of tricky compliance issues, which could prove invaluable financially and otherwise.  

#2: Manufacturing Recruiters Have Access to Top Talent 

Does your manufacturing company spend hours every week cultivating a large network of skilled candidates who are available whenever you need them? No, probably not – you’re focused on achieving operational objectives and business goals. But a manufacturing staffing agency does just that: builds a vast network that you can rely on when you need it.  

Manufacturing staffing firms give you access to top talent that you would likely have a tough time finding on your own. And it’s not just about the technical skills or manufacturing expertise. Manufacturing recruiters also screen for cultural fit, meaning they assess candidates for personality, work ethic, and character to find people who truly mesh within your organization. This allows you to bring on team members who have both the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed within your company – and benefit your bottom line. 

Another plus-side of relying on a manufacturing recruiter’s wide talent network to find candidates that fit the bill on every level? You’ll reduce the risk of a bad hire – and the costs associated with it – and ultimately lower your turnover rate. Going about the talent search yourself raises the risk of a bad hire, which would mean you have to let them go or risk them quitting. In that case, you’ll have to start the talent search all over again. Avoid this cycle and get the right person the first time with the help of a skilled recruiter.  

#3: Develop a Flexible Workforce with Manufacturing Temp Agencies  

In addition to permanent placement or direct hire services, in which the manufacturing staffing agency finds and recruits employees that go directly onto your company’s payroll, agencies also offer temporary staffing services to help you build a flexible workforce. And because of the varying demand inherent to the manufacturing industry, this is a great benefit to have.  

What happens when your organization suddenly lands a big contract and needs additional workers? Or production needs ramp up during a busy season and you find yourself lacking in a crucial skill set? The opposite is also possible, of course – you might lose a contract or see production needs decrease, and you find yourself without the need for extra workers. Rather than dealing with the logistical hassle and significant financial challenges of these fluctuations, rely on a manufacturing staffing agency to help ride out the waves throughout the year.  

An additional option that staffing agencies offer is temp-to-hire staffing. In this arrangement, a worker stays on the manufacturing staffing agency’s payroll during a probationary period while they work at your facility. You get to evaluate them for skills, work ethic, and cultural fit during that period – and you can bring them onto your team permanently once it’s over if it’s a great fit all around. Temp-to-hire is yet another option that staffing firms provide you to remain flexible.  

A flexible workforce made up of skilled temporary workers allows you to stay productive when you need to be, and scale back when you don’t, all without incurring payroll or unemployment expenses as the demand fluctuates. For a manufacturing company, that’s the best way to remain agile and productive while saving money at the same time. 

#4: Temp Agencies Prevent Burnout Among Manufacturing Staff 

One benefit of utilizing a manufacturing staffing agency that you might not have considered is this: temp staffing services help to reduce and prevent instances of burnout among your manufacturing staff.  

When you don’t have enough employees at your facility, the workload falls to those that you do have – and they’ll quickly become overworked and overwhelmed. Burnout can set in, and in a manufacturing setting this can be not only unfortunate but downright dangerous. But maintaining adequate staffing levels by using temporary services allows your permanent team members to remain productive without getting overworked, especially when demand peaks. Your core team can focus on their most important work while the temporary workforce ensures all other jobs are taken care of.  

#5: Manufacturing Recruiters Fill Vacancies Fast 

The fifth benefit of using the services of a manufacturing staffing agency to source great talent is the speed in which they can fill your open job orders. When a big project comes through or demand suddenly escalates, you don’t have time to wait around to find the staff you need to get the work done. You need qualified people on the production floor, fast. And manufacturing recruiters can fill that need. 

Advertising for an open position or sourcing for a particular skill set on your own could take a long time – weeks or even months. You don’t have that kind of time. Instead of waiting for the right candidate to come along, rely on a manufacturing recruiter and their extensive network of skilled candidates. You’ll be able to bring the right person on quickly, and because staffing firms can also help onboard and train new hires, you’ll have a qualified manufacturing professional working at your facility in no time at all.  

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