How to Use AI for Recruitment

How to Use AI for Recruitment

Recruitment is often a time-consuming and costly venture, but it’s an undeniable necessity. Fortunately, technology is finding ways to streamline processes and reduce recruitment-related expenses. Artificial intelligence (AI) particularly has potential.

However, it’s critical to utilize the various AI tools in the proper way to achieve the best results.

If you want to harness the power of technology to make candidate searchers simpler, here are some helpful tips for recruiting using AI.

Use Generative AI for Job Ad Creation

Generative AI tools can make writing job ads significantly easier to manage. Hiring managers or recruiters can provide a basic outline of the job description – as well as details about benefits, perks, and company cultures – to the AI, and the AI turns it into a descriptive vacancy announcement.

Ultimately, generative AI can dramatically reduce the time required to handle a critical but tedious task. However, it’s still crucial to review the outputs for correctness and refinement, an activity that ensures the presented information is accurate but far less time-consuming compared to writing job ads from scratch.

Resume Screening and Candidate Matching

AI technology is particularly adept at searching for specific details within documents and similar types of content. As a result, it’s a valuable tool for screening resumes to determine if they align with the job description. By using AI, every submitted resume can be reviewed in mere moments. Often, an AI can even rank the received resumes based on their strength as a potential match, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to focus on candidates who are the best fit.

Similarly, AI tools can be used to find potential candidate matches from publicly-viewable sources. For example, an AI could take information about the position from a hiring manager or recruiter and use that to explore publicly accessible profiles of professionals to see if any could meet the needs of the company. Then, recruiters and hiring managers can explore those profiles in greater depth and reach out to those that are worth pursuing.

Finally, AI video tools can review video interviews as part of a prescreening process. This works well for pre-recorded interviews where the candidate answers questions without directly engaging with an interview. However, some AI tools can provide real-time feedback to hiring managers and recruiters during traditional video interviews, including details about a candidate’s emotional state and other tidbits that may provide value.

Chatbots for Candidate Communication

AI chatbots are an excellent tool for communicating with candidates at any time of day. By programming a chatbot to provide information about open positions, the application process, or similar areas job seekers may want to explore, those details are readily available even when hiring managers or recruiters are off the clock. Plus, it reduces the amount of time hiring managers and recruiters would otherwise spend answering those questions if another avenue for answers wasn’t available, allowing them to focus more on activities that genuinely require their touch.

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