6 Reasons You Might Not Have Gotten a Call After Your Job Interview

It happens to everyone from time to time. You go on an interview that went spectacularly well, and then no phone call inviting you back ever comes. When you need a job this can be more than disheartening and make you want to give up. Understanding why you never got the call will actually help you in your job hunt. So don’t despair. Pick yourself up, brush it off your shoulder, and learn from the experience.

Reason #1- They hired someone else (unfortunately).

The climate for job-seekers is much different today than it was a decade ago. Unemployment rates are at all-time highs, and the number of people applying for positions is unreal. In most cases you should expect at least 3-4 dozen people applying for every open position. Some positions will have much higher competition. Even if your interview was great there may be someone else who was more qualified. Don’t let this get you down. Be persistent.

Reason #2- They filled the position internally.

Most companies will post open positions internally before they start interviewing applicants outside. However, people can be on vacation or busy with projects that forces them to miss the deadline for the internal posting. This means they go into the open job pool. Companies would prefer to hire within for open positions.

Reason #3- The position was eliminated.

This happens far more often than you may think.  A company decides they need to hire someone, then they find a way to cut costs and fill the requirements using other people inside. Hiring freezes may have also gone into effect as a cost saving measure. This is nothing personal, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Reason #4- The job description or need changed.

Similar to reason #3, a lot of companies will end up changing the job description after it was posted. Or the actual needs of the job may have changed after the fact. You may have been a perfect candidate for the original position, but lack the skills necessary for the new description.

Reason #5- Someone else made a better impression.

The way to get the attention of a company is much different today than it was before. Focusing less on what you get out of it and more on what you can bring to the table is the new thinking. If another candidate displayed this more than you they may have been chosen over you. The employer wants to employ people who show enthusiasm.

Reason #6- Talking about money too soon.

Yes, you need a job that will pay you. However, the initial interview isn’t the time to discuss this unless the interviewer brings it up first. If you walk in with demands regarding your salary and benefits you’re showing the interviewer that you’re more interested in money than the actual job.

With this short list you can go back and rethink your interview strategy.  Learn to follow up after the interviews to stay fresh in their minds. And above all else, remember to stay positive! There IS an employer out there who wants and needs you, it’s all just a matter of time.

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