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Female Worker Holding Box Inside Warehouse

“Wonderful, friendly and very helpful staff.  Stephanie is my job recruiter, she’s wonderful, always makes sure everything is ok, if I need anything. Thank you Stephanie.

I go through many agencies, finely found one.”

Sianny Chau

“My experience with Advance was welcoming I called about a job post and immediately was called in the next business day to get me hired in before note I was told to complete paperwork online and update any information before coming in to speed up the process of getting hired in Jordan and advance have been extremely helpful to me and Jordan keeps me updated on my hours and any help I may need. Thank you advance and Jordan for helping me obtain a job.”

Eric Brooks

“I like the staff at Advance group, Kat is very nice, she keeps me working the way I like to…”

Samuel Kicks

“I would give a 5 star rating to The Advance Group for keeping me working since the first day I filled out my application. I especially would like to give thanks to my recruiter Ryann who always found a position for me if an assignment didn’t work out. The last assignment she sent me to I only worked there 4 months before the company hired me in as a full time employee. I would recommend The Advance Group to anyone looking for steady employment and a staffing agency that cares about their employees.”

Donnie Green

“Go check my people out at The Advance Group. If you’re looking for reliable jobs part time or full time. Excellent benefits and weekly bonuses. The Advance Group is definitely the spot. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Love working for the Advance Group and you would too. So check them out!”

Willie Best

“Wonderful staff, very friendly and helpful! Got me a job immediately and checked up on me frequently, wishing me well and congratulating me on promotions, good attendance, and awarded me an employee of the month! Would definitely recommend TAG to a friend!”

Cheyenne Robertson

“Very great people they work with you and they are very nice folks and very understanding got me a job right on the spot awesome company just about the best temp agency I’ve ever been through.”

Tre Gaston

“Wonderful. I received job offers sooner than I thought which was great. Thank you. Looking forward to more job updates.”

Kimberly Satterwhite

“I love the employers at Advance Group. They help you find great jobs that will help you enhance your skills also learn more.”

Jasmine Ricks

“I had a good experience. Everyone was helpful and patient.”

Cheryl P.

“Staff was very polite and helpful. I have never used a staffing service before. I was pleasantly surprised on how thorough and helpful the advance staff were to me. Many thanks, Dan.”

Dan M.

“It was a fast and simple way to get a good paying job, they really helped me.”

Joel D.

“You did very well”

Luis Rodriguez Vargas

“I love how fast it is to find a job, I love the people in the office. They were very nice, and understanding.”

Terrence Cohen

“I have enjoyed my experience so far. Everyone has been very helpful and very nice.”

Missenda Gedert

“It’s a great experience”

Sonequa Hopings

“Very professional”

Kedrin Myers

“I enjoy working, it doesn’t matter who I work for. Everyone in the office that I came in contact with has been very nice and professional. The only thing I wish this company would do is get decent insurance. Say I have to wait for like 90 days and be full time. I can do that!”

Carla Tipton

“My experience was great, my first assignment is awesome! I would love to get hired in.”

Cynthia Reeves

“It was good explaining every thing about the job description.”

David Sondergeld

“Very Helpful And Determine To Find The Right Job For You Thanks For The Help I Look Forward To Continue Working With The Advance Group”

Jonathan Brown III

“It was very good and helpful for helping me and my husband we really enjoy working for yall thank you again.”

Andrea Lathan

“Your company has done me right and that’s why I came back to you when I needed a job. Ty”

Michael VanWormer

“it was good I never thought I’d go to a temp place but I did…. I went in for an interview and about an hour and a half I got a call for a hug if I wanted it”

Cassidy Cherry

Thank you for giving me this opportunity, this job changed my life.  It was all because of you.  Thank you from me and my family.  Things have never looked better.  You should be proud of yourself because what you did has had a huge impact on all the people that I love.!




“I feel that the advance group has helped me find the perfect and they are very nice and helpful.”

Keith Kobrzycki

“Very friendly and considerate of your personal need to get employed quickly.”

Cori Stautzenbach

“I like it very professional helpful and reliable”

John Curry

“Great employers and employees. Great work experience!”

Serenity Schwimmer

“Staff is friendly found me a great job thanks advance.”

Tameka Williams

“I am going to recommend your company to everyone I know who needs a job. Your professional team is awesome. You never dropped the ball. I really don’t like staffing companies, but your changed that. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Herman Wilson”

Herman Wilson

The response by 2 different locations during the process of getting me started was terrific.”

Kevin Garcia

“It was so nice. The people are so helpful and generous. Patient and caring.”

Dennis Watson

“They helped me out in a professional manner I’m completely happy with”

Robert Avalos

“Your personnel are very professional”

John Plate

“They were very helpful and kind. They placed me that day, on a Friday, and i started that Monday. They also sent me an email the night before I started to check on me and monday night to see how my say went. To me that’s amazing showing that they care. Anyone looking for a temp service I would send there everytime”

Katie Chinavare

“Dan was very friendly and took the time to find out what jobs I was interested in.”

Timothy Presutti

“Very Professional employees made sure they contacted you back and actually send you to a job and if you don’t like the job they will make sure they find you a good position you like”

Shalon Tidwell

“Staff was very helpful and open about the whole process. They were also compassionate about my situation when my house was damaged by fire and I had to delay my start date by a week. Glad I chose to work with them.”

Amy Balestra

“Very friendly people . They Get you too work quick and help u thru any problems you may have .”

Andrea Hill

“Thank you so much. Really appreciate the help on my career. Thanks”

Maurita Brooks

“I am enjoying my assignment through Advance.”

Teresa Batterson

“Haven’t had any issues so far, great team. Really communicate about placements and even check on you to see if you like job. Very pleased with you guys!”

Tadeyshia Toney

“I feel that the staff and the process is very courteous and professional.Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company!”

Christopher Workman

“I love the job thank you so much”

Frankie Harris Jr.

“I love my job!Everyone is so nice and considerate.”

Wayne Wilkerson

“It was a great experience and they were all so nice and really helpful.”

Carvas Lewis

When asked “How likely are you to recommend The Advance Group to a friend or colleague “,  Kristy responded with: “Yes I do very much. Hope to keep working with you. Where I am now. I love it.”

Kristy Tanner


Kianna Reynolds

“My experience with the advance groups was very welcoming and overwhelming positive. They made the process of finding a job easy. I will definitely refer the advance group to friends that need a job. Thank you advance group.”

Sean Adair

“Your office facility is outstanding. I dealt with Nick Hughes, Andrea and Brenda. They were all the epitome of courteous, cheerful, helpful and professional. I would rate them each at a 10+!”

Richard McQuillan

“Definitely a positive experience. It’s sort of a “help us help you” kind of deal and I love it because it’s really up to you rather or not you decide to apply yourself but they are still willing to help you find the job right for you.”

Briana Perry

“Everyone was very friendly and it did not take them long to place me at a job”

Mary Schiewe- Employee

“So far it’s been amazing. Everyone has treated me with respect and has been very nice and helpful, especially the lady at the front desk she has bent over backwards to help me.”

Tanya- Employee

“All of the staff members I talked to were extremely friendly and were more than able to help me with any questions I had.”

Tommy- Employee

“I like the Advance Group. Even though one job didn’t work out, they got me back to work quickly. Thanks Advance”

Triana- Employee

Great! The front office is really easy to deal with and my staffing professional Nikki is very understanding and informative. I’ve had a great experience here.

Johnny Riddle

Advance Staffing Solutions placed me with an assignment that allowed me to use the educational skills and training I learned from Monroe County Community College.  Thank you for your help Advance!

Ericka Polanski

After being out of work for over one year, I discovered Advance Staffing Solutions. They were the ONLY staffing agency that cared and was willing to go above and beyond to help me find employment. I was placed in a job within one week of applying with Advance. The staff is outstanding, friendly and very helpful. I’ve recommended Advance to several people that are still looking for employment. As quickly as they helped me, I’m sure they will do the same for them!! Advance Staffing Solutions is AWESOME!!

Valerie Sword

Advance Staffing was very professional and courteous. They were very thorough with there in processing. I was with two other agencies and got calls for jobs I didn’t even apply for. I recommend them to anyone trying to find a real job! Thank you Advance Staffing!

T. Linkes

Advance Staffing Solution made it easy to find a better paying job quickly. I was hired in a position after a week with the agency and they worked around my schedule to find me a great job that I am still with and that I actually like doing. If I am ever in a position where I need a job again I will definitely use them and I have already recommended them to friends.

G. Paszczykowski

Advance Staffing was very easy to work with. Shortly after I completed my initial application they had me interviewing for positions in my field. During my search I asked them to help me find something temporary until I could find a permanent position to support my family. Within 2 days I had a temporary job and within 2 months of that they had me interview for a permanent position, in my field, that met my salary requirements, with a prominent company. I would absolutely recommend the staff at Advanced Staffing – they’re friendly, responsive and effective.

J. Frey

I worked for Advance for around 5 months. Jordan was the individual who I dealt with when I first came in the office looking for work. She was extremely polite, and answering all of my questions at the time. The most important part of all, I was working almost immediately! But it doesn’t stop there. The first assignment I was sent on ended up not being a match for me. I let Jordan know the issue and was sent to a new assignment. This turned out to be a fantastic fit for me. So well, that the company selected me out of all of their contract employees, to become part of their team. Even though I’m no longer a part of Advance Staffing, I wouldn’t have the great job that I have now without the help. I have used several staffing agencies before, and this was BY FAR the greatest experience.

Rick Solis

Advance Staffing Solutions found me the perfect job. I am thankful every day that they helped me transition from military life back into a civilian career. Thank you!!

Curtis Hare

I just wanted to let you know, that this is my first time using a Staffing Agency. I worked with your staffing specialist Renee (Monroe, Michigan Office) and she was fantastic. I got a job with her right away. I really appreciate her professional manner, she was very respectful and courteous. She did a great job and I just wanted to let you know that.

Carla Brusseau

The staff is very helpful and polite! They got me working right away. Not only did they help me find a job they did follow up calls to see how I liked the new job. Great work Advance Group, keep it up!

James B.

My experience with Advance has been nothing short of amazing. They were able to find the perfect job for me in a matter of weeks! I am extremely happy with my current temporary position and can’t wait to see where they place me next! I have been working with Renee, who found me my current job. She has been very helpful and communicative throughout the entire process. The company I am working at is a welcoming work environment with friendly employees. Each day is challenging and rewarding! Thank you Advance!

Lindsay Nocella


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