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The workforce is shrinking and the usual recruiting tactics and strategies aren’t working. You still need to find people to get the work done.

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The recruiters at our warehouse temp agencies in Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan are practical, positive and results-oriented. We’re always thinking outside the box to find ways to do more with less and give you the value you deserve from our services.

We’re committed to doing what’s right and being honest with you – whether it’s about what it’s really going to take to attract good people or what the competition might be doing better.

Whether you need the flexibility of temporary staffing for short or long-term requirements to fill key manufacturing, general labor or skilled trades jobs, leave it to Advance. After more than three decades in business, our Certified Staffing Professionals do more than take a job order. We dig deeper. We are the top skilled trades staffing agency in Toledo, Southgate, and Monroe asking the right questions – to find you BETTER people and get BETTER results.

Advance can help you:


a great work culture.


a work environment that attracts and retains superior employees.


candidate expectations.


on the wellbeing, safety, and happiness of your employees.


how your company provides what job seekers desire most.


your recruiting goals—even in this tough job market.


Direct Hire Staffing Services

Need a full-time employee with the skills and experience to make a positive impact on your organization? Advance recruits and screens qualified job candidates and presents the best for you to choose from for full-time employment.

Temporary Staffing Services

Manage vacations, illnesses and demand spikes without adding to your permanent workforce. We recruit and screen each candidate so that you know you are getting reliable, qualified help.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services

Try one of our temp-to-hire employees at your location. You can evaluate their performance and fit before making a hiring decision at no risk to you.

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