Get back out there! Rejoining the work force and restarting the job search

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a period of time, either by choice or as a result of an unexpected lapse in employment, then you may be facing the daunting task of getting back out there to rejoin the rest of the working world. It’s natural for anyone to feel intimidated, especially if you have not been working outside the home for a while. This is a tough one for parents who have chosen to stop working to raise children, and even for those who have retired but need to go back to work now.

Take heart that this can be done and you can be successful with your job search, if you create a strategy for job search success. Here are some tips from Advance to get you back out there in the workforce sooner.

  • Create a killer resume – The very first step in any successful job search is to create an effective resume and cover letter. You will spend a lot of time applying for jobs and sending email inquiries to companies, so make sure this time counts with a resume that captures your skills and attributes.
  • Start networking – As the old saying goes, you often need to be “in the right place at the right time”, so networking should be a the top of your list. By networking on popular social media sites, business networks and forums, and community networking groups – you can put yourself in the right place. Let others know you are actively seeking employment and get ready for the referrals.
  • Research companies – This is your job search for the perfect career, so you want to work for the best employers. Take the time to research the types of companies that best match your unique skills and needs. Find companies that offer excellent compensation packages and other perks. Focus on companies that have the values you hold dear. Never settle for anything less.
  • Get a new look – If you’ve been out of the workforce for a number of years, you will want to give yourself a makeover so you can look great for upcoming interviews. Pick out a new hairstyle, get yourself a “power outfit “and you’ll be able to walk into any interview with 100% confidence and a great attitude that will earn you more job offers.
  • Take temp assignments – Many good companies rely on the services of temporary agencies to find suitable candidates for unadvertised assignments. This means you can be in a better position to get onboard with a highly respected company by taking on temp assignments as often as possible. You may even be able to learn a few new skills along the way, which will further make you a prime candidate for a new job.

Ready to take the leap and land the perfect job? Contact the recruitment specialists at Advance Staffing Solutions today and get noticed by the right employers now.




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