Haven’t Hired in a While? Advice for Recruiting New Hires

After a period filled with economic uncertainty, many companies are facing a new dilemma. They now need to fill positions that were either vacated or eliminated over the past several years. The problem is that many companies have had a freeze on hiring for long enough that they’ve gotten out of the practice of hiring altogether.

Here are a few tips that are sure to get you back in the habit of effective recruiting before you know it.

Know What You’re Looking For

Before you can come up with a proper recruitment plan you need to know exactly what kind of employee you’re looking to hire. What positions need to be filled? What qualities or traits make a prospect a good fit with your corporate culture? Are you willing to take big risks in order to find truly innovative staff or do you prefer to stick with traditional characteristics and experience for the position in question?

These are all important questions that can really shape the hiring and interview processes. Once you’ve identified the kind of employee you need or want to hire then you can begin the search in earnest.

Set Deadlines to Find Qualified Candidates

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of maybe and tomorrow. Time is a luxury you don’t have when you need someone to pick up slack or start making changes now. Give yourself a hard deadline to find a group of solid candidates and set up interviews.

Once you have a deadline in place you can tailor your search process to get the fast results you need. An added sense of urgency can serve as a huge motivation and help keep you on target for the “less glamorous” aspects of looking for new hires.

Utilize Every Available Recruiting Option

You are no longer relegated to a time when the Sunday paper was your best recruitment tool. The rules have changed and technology is changing them even more. Don’t forget to place notices of positions on your company website. Make sure you’ve made it mobile device friendly as well as many people are conducting their job searches on the go these days.

Take advantage of recruitment services, like Advance Temporary Services. You’ll be surprised at how effective they can be (and cost effective) by eliminating the daily grind of finding new, highly skilled candidates for the positions you have available. More importantly, they can do the hard work of prequalifying candidates for the positions you have available so that you’re only seeing the best of the best available and not forced to sift through many unqualified applicants that aren’t likely to be a good fit for the culture of your company.

Social media is another excellent tool you can put at your disposal to find a sea of applicants for your positions. You just might find the perfect choice in short order. More importantly, you’ll have a list of qualified people the next time a position becomes available.

Recruiting new hires doesn’t have to be a painful prospect – even after a long absence. This is cause for celebration; not dread. Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll have the cream of the crop knocking on your door before you know it. For help finding the best employees this year, contact Advance Temporary Services!

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