3 Emerging Technologies for Workplace Safety

Safety is a major concern for business owners today in every industry. From office and factory floor workers to delivery and long-haul truck drivers, emerging technologies are making workplaces safer every day. Here are three prime examples of technology that’s emerging to improve safety and promote wellness in the workplace.

1)   Electronic drive logs. The industrial transportation industry is getting a technology makeover that goes way beyond adding a few creature comforts to the cabs of trucks. Long-haul truck drivers face many dangers and risks in association with their long hours on the roadways. Paperless logs of their mileage, speeds, and gas consumption may not seem to be all about improving safety at first glance, but it has quite a few unintended consequences that err on the side of safety-minded driving. That’s good news for truck drivers on the roads as well as the, passenger vehicles that share the roads with them. These electronic records can help businesses boost efficiency, cut costs, and implement higher safety standards for their drivers.

2)   Ergonomic office equipment. Ergonomics may not seem all that technological in nature at first, but there is a great deal of innovation in the products that are designed to make office spaces safer and more comfortable for employees. From office chairs with ergonomic designs to office equipment that’s designed to minimize risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome there is a wide range of emerging technology in the office that makes the office space a little more “user friendly.” But, did you know that there are also new tools and technologies for shop floors and industrial applications that involve ergonomics?  In fact, the latest advances in ergonomic technology involve push carts that are used for transporting various shop materials. Traditionally these carts have been heavy and difficult to maneuver. New, ergonomic technology leads to carts that handle much more deftly when pushing or pulling large volumes of weight allowing employees to do so without risking back injuries or overexertion.

3)   3-D visualization technology. Believe it or not, different people have different standards when it comes to safety. It’s tough for big and small businesses alike to implement a written safety policy that works across the board with the same degree of success. One man’s risk may be playing it safe to the other man. It’s all about perspective. That’s why 3-D visualization can be so useful. It doesn’t tell a story that has room for interpretation but paints a picture that’s impossible to overlook or misunderstand. This type of technology explores risks and potential consequences without putting any actual person at risk as an example.

Accidents and safety violations in the workplace cost businesses in more ways than one. The human factor, involving the injury or loss of a valuable employee, coworker, and/or friend, can be significant. However, there are other costs to the business that also need to be taken into account – damages, liability, loss of productivity, and repairs. Emerging technologies, such as the three mentioned above, can save your company time and money. More importantly, it can help protect your greatest asset: your employees.

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