Attract Candidates with Socially Responsible Company Policies

As a hiring manager, you could see more of the top candidates for positions flock to your business by updating your current company policies to be more “socially conscious”. Why’s that?

It comes down to one simple fact. If you want to compete for the best talent, one of the must-do steps is to show that you care about being socially responsible as a business – for both your community and your employees’ benefits. Put aside your business bottom line for a moment and really consider what this means to you.

Know the Facts

Consider a few important facts about being socially conscious as a company as well as what it means to your business’s ability to draw in the best talent.

  • About 66 percent of workers will take a lower salary if this means they will work with a company with more sustainable business practices (according to a study done by Bain and Co.)
  • Social responsibility is the 3rd most important employee engagement driver (according to Towers Perrin).
  • When it comes to your company’s commitment to the community, according to Deloite , a whopping 70 percent of people say that’s important to their decision to work with one company or another.

People want to work for companies that show they care. They don’t want to work for a money-grubbing business that has power suits at the head.

How to Change Your Company Policies

How can you change your company policies, then, to attract these highly talented workers? There are a variety of steps you can take, including the following.

  • Make a commitment to going green. From reducing paper use to installing new lighting fixtures, taking every step you can to reduce the impact on the environment is critical.
  • Become active in your community in some way.  It’s more than just donating something. Do something that makes a difference and impacts those who you work for – the community and customers.
  • Put in place a volunteer program. Find a way to help someone or something in your community and engage your employees in the process.

Perhaps even more important is to put in place a transparent culture. This means ensuring that rather than having the boss locked in the upper offices, he or she is on the floor, interacting. This shows that the boss is not just a number crunching person, but rather someone that the employee can work with, get to know and go into battle with on a regular basis. By putting policies like these in place, the business becomes more socially aware and capable.

Is your business doing everything it can to be socially conscious? If not, put in place new policies that encourage this. When you do, and let the world know about it, you will begin to draw in better talent. Additionally, work with a staffing agency, like Advance Staffing Solutions, to source great candidates and develop a solid recruitment strategy. In many cases, you’ll bring in even better talent than you have had in the past. That can make a big difference in your productivity and bottom line.




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