6 Things to Include in Your Interview Follow up Email

Once you have had your job interview with a dream company, the next logical step is to follow-up with the company representative soon afterwards. Very often, the preferred method for accomplishing this is by sending a friendly and professional email to check in a few days later. After all, email is the way that millions of people communicate on the go today, and it’s no secret that emails are used by job seekers to connect with hiring managers.

What to Include in Your Interview Follow Up Email

Now that you are ready to write your interview follow-up email, you may be stuck wondering what exactly you need to include? An email like this should be brief, but get the desired results. Therefore you need to include the elements to accomplish this. Read on to learn what not to leave out of your email follow-up when you are seeking work with a Michigan Employment Agency.

#1 – Use a professional sounding email address.

Before you zip off an email to the company, consider what your current email address says about you. Is it immature, bizarre, or unprofessional? If so, register a free email address and use your name in it. Leave out the cuteness and go for an email that gives you a better image.

#2 – Start with a warm greeting to the person who interviewed you.

Open up your email with a sincere and friendly greeting, addressed to the person who took the time to interview you. Let them know what job you interviewed for and when. Let them know the reason you are writing, such as to make yourself available for the next steps in the hiring process.

#3 – Appreciation is always a great way to start things off.

Let the reader know that it was a pleasure to meet with them personally and that you appreciate their time to go over the company culture and job duties in detail. Showing appreciation goes a long way to an already busy recruitment professional who deals with a lot of rude people all week.

#4 – Include the reasons you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Now it’s time to reinforce why the hiring manager should consider you for the job or at least a second interview. Briefly write a sentence that outlines your unique skills that match the job requirements, followed by a short list of skills you bring to the table. Much like your cover letter, this is the meat and potatoes of your email follow-up. If there was anything you needed to send to the interviewing person, attach it as a document too.

#5 – Wrap up the email with a call to action.

Smart sales people always tie their emails up with a call to action. This is a specific action that you would like the recruiter to take once they have read your email. You can easily include this element by asking the recruiter to please respond by email or by phone. Give them some times when you will be available in the coming week.

#6 – Give full contact information.

Despite sending in your resume and having an interview, sometimes your contact information can be hard to find for a recruiter. Make their life easier by including complete contact information in your signature, such as your home, cell or work phone number.

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