How “Thank You” Notes Could Hinder Your Interview Process



We have all heard the saying, “It can’t hurt,” when it comes to applying for a job. There is no harm in submitting a cover letter with a resume, connecting with the interviewer on LinkedIn or even sending a “thank you” letter. But, before you make a mistake, you need to know that sending a thank you letter can actually harm your chances at receiving an offer of employment.

But, you’ll want to pay attention because in today’s post, we will discuss how a thank you note can actually hurt your job search.

Sending it Too Late

There is nothing worse than sending a thank you note to the interviewer well after the interview actually took place. Waiting until a week later to send the note shows the interviewer that it was an after-thought and that you are not interested in the position. It is best to send the note the same day of the interview or no later than 48 hours afterwards.

Full of Typos

If your thank you note is littered with typos or poor grammar, then you will have no shot at receiving an offer of employment. You might still get a second interview, especially if it was scheduled prior to the note arriving, but you probably will not make it further than round two. Since you likely had someone proofread your resume and cover letter, it is a good idea to do the same with the thank you letter. It will take two minutes and can save you from embarrassment.

Generic Messages

If you are going to send a thank you note, make sure it is not a generic one. This will hurt your chances of finding a job. You must personalize every single thank you note you write following a job interview, no matter how many people you met during the process. Scribbling five generic notes shows that you did not take the time to write these notes. Instead, personalize each note using something you learned from each person when you interviewed.

Inappropriate Content

It is never a good idea to include any type of inappropriate content in the thank you note, no matter how confident you are that you nailed the interview. Do not get chummy with the reader of the note or use first names. Also avoid any use of foul language. This really should not be an issue, but it still needs to be said.

Too Much Information

When a job candidate uses the thank you note to brag about him or herself even more, it can hurt their chances at securing the job. Never use the thank you note to conduct a second interview. The note should be short, sweet and to the point. Do not ramble on and take up the entire page. Do not even consider mentioning something you forgot to discuss in the interview when writing the thank you note. Stay away from it at all costs.

Take these items into consideration the next time you sit down to write a thank you note following a job interview and you should be able to secure an offer of employment.








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