5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Workplace Morale

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Workplace Morale


Low employee morale can be a big problem in many workplaces. This is because employee unhappiness stems from a variety of factors, from poor compensation and stressful work tasks to bad management. It only makes sense that when they are unhappy and disengaged from the work they do, employees tend to be less productive too – which hurts the bottom line.

How can managers help employees put that pep back in their work lives? Read on for five sure-fire ways to boost workplace morale (that really work).

Provide rewarding tasks and a comfortable environment

When the workplace is comfortable, employees are better able to perform their tasks and, thus, the mood improves. Replace stuffy meeting rooms with open collaborative spaces, great furniture, artwork, and good lighting. Assign work projects that honor the skills and abilities of your people.

Make it a pay-for-performance compensation strategy

If you want more motivated and inspired employees, then you need to provide wages and incentives that are based on performance metrics. Instead of setting pay at a certain level and expecting everyone to work hard for the same amount of money, set up bonus plans and other incentives to boost morale. Make sure performance goals are communicated, measureable, fair and attainable.

Celebrate successes at work and as a company

If a company cares about people, then they understand how much recognition can demonstrate this. When achievements and goals are met by individuals and by the entire company, make it known to everyone. Celebrate these moments as a company. Nothing raises morale more than appreciation.

Have great managers

Make sure all managers are well-trained to handle the challenges of their jobs. They must lead by example and bring out the best in their people, not the other way around. Bad managers need to be eliminated or retrained. Good managers need to be promoted.

Remember employees have lives too

Work life balance is a must in all workplaces. Too many companies expect employees to work hard all the time as if they were robots. But employees have a lot going on in their personal lives too. Give them generous paid time off, time to distress, and augment work teams with temps to handle bigger projects and seasonal peaks.

Follow the above five tips for better employee morale and greater productivity in the workplace.







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