Want to Stay in Your Temp Job? Start Building Relationships!

Want to Stay in Your Temp Job Start Building Relationships


Building strong relationships at the office is not just for permanent employees, but also for temporary workers. Even though you might only be working at a temp job for two weeks or a couple of months, it is still imperative to build strong relationships. When temporary workers build strong relationships, it puts them in a better position to remain at their temporary job for an extended period or as a newly hired permanent employee.

Drop Criticism from Conversations

An excellent way to build stronger relationships with your co-workers at a temporary job is by dropping criticism from your conversations. It can be very easy to criticize co-workers for what they do, or don’t do, but it should not be done. When you criticize people on a regular basis, it makes it very difficult to get along with those people. You must remember that everyone makes mistakes, so be sure to focus on the positives when talking with co-workers.

Smile and Speak with Enthusiasm

Smiling when you speak with co-workers will go a long way when trying to build stronger relationships. You should also speak with enthusiasm, and not in a monotone that bores others. Co-workers will warm up to you when you greet them with happiness and a smile. Even if you do not get the opportunity to speak with them for a prolonged period, a quick smile when passing in the halls can help improve relationships.

Compliment Co-Workers

A compliment can go a long way toward building better relationships with co-workers. Compliments should never be backhanded, but should be sincere whenever you give them. People love to receive compliments, especially at work. The next time you talk with a co-worker, try to compliment them on a job well done on a recent project or about something from their personal life they told you.

Ignore the Rotten Egg

It goes without saying that there will be one rotten egg in the office who will attempt to make life miserable for those around them. Even though this person will make it their job to make your life miserable, you must ignore them as much as possible. Do not take it personally: Instead, build better relationships with the rest of your co-workers in an attempt to ignore the rotten egg.

If you enjoy the temporary job you are working right now, make an effort to build stronger relationships with co-workers there so you can have your contract extended or picked up permanently.







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