Your Interview Isn’t Going Well…Now What?!



When you get invited to a job interview, it’s natural to want the best possible scenario to happen. But in reality, sometimes things can and do go wrong with interviews. Before you panic, here’s how to redeem yourself from several common problems that occur with interviews.

Running Late/Got Lost

Despite the advantages of directional apps found on most mobile devices, life can get in the way causing one to be a few minutes late to an interview because of poor directions or traffic problems. While it’s always a good idea to leave extra early for an interview, it’s not always possible if you are trying to do so around another job or personal responsibilities. The best course of action is to pick up the phone as soon as you suspect you may be late or lost and inform the company. Try to give an honest estimate of when you will arrive for the interview. The hiring manager will appreciate this gesture, which shows you have a strong sense of being punctual.

Not Getting a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

While most recruiters try to make an effort to create a friendly environment to conduct interviews, not all take the time to build rapport with candidates – instead getting down to the business of things. This can be uncomfortable and awkward for anyone. If you find yourself faced with a cold interviewer, you can make the most of it. Be professional, friendly, and use positive body language. It’s possible the recruiter is doing this as part of a test to see how well you function under similar circumstnces with clients and vendors.

Stuck on an Interview Answer

Nearly every job seeker has encountered a bad interview question or one where there could be several possible answers. Or worse yet, one that stumps us completely. This happens to even the most prepared candidates. Take a deep breath and let the interviewer know you are stumbling to find the right answer to this one. Then ask them if you can think about this for a bit longer, but in the meantime you can answer another question to jog your memory. This shows that you are careful about your words and the way you do things, which should impress anyone.

Above all else, don’t panic. Not all interviews will seem positive, but they can result in a job offer even if you think you bombed it.







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