Should You Consider Relocating For a New Career?



If you’ve been looking for a new career in Detroit for a few months, you may have noticed a great many opportunities in other regions and states that appeal to you. But, some of these locations are many hours away from where you live now so it may seem impossible to even consider jobs like this – or is it? Is relocating for a new career something you should do soon? Here’s how to evaluate where your life is and if a cross-country job relocation is in the picture.

Would the career offer you a substantially improved path to career growth and a better lifestyle?

One of the main reasons you would want to even think about relocating for a new job is because you will be able to fast track your career growth, and your lifestyle in the process. For example, does the company offer progressive promotions, employee training and development, and does the region end itself to a more comfortable or convenient daily life?

Is the salary and benefits reasonable given the cost of living in that region?

You will want to carefully evaluate any type of job out there based on the cost of living for the area vs. the salary and benefits offered by companies. Sure the salary might be twice what you are earning now, but if you cannot even make your rent payments, then there’s no use. Large metropolitan areas tend to be a lot more expensive to live in than the suburbs.

How would a move like this impact other people in your life?

Are you married, have children, what about parents or grandparents you care for? Before thinking about moving to another area, you have to consider what this kind of move could do for them, or if it may make things more difficult. If you can justify that you and your dependents would be better off in a new region (better schools, health care, safety, etc.), then this could be a good move.

Does the company offer support or reimbursement for a relocation?

It’s very important to read all the fine details of any job listing or offer before agreeing to relocate. Any decent company will offer to pay for moving and relocation expenses, including providing access to affordable temporary housing while transition. If a company says that they will reimburse you, plan on spending a great deal of your savings to move.

Are there comparable jobs available in your current region?

Before you think about relocating for a new job, take the time to register with a Detroit staffing agency in your industry and see what opportunities that they can place you with. Many companies avoid direct hiring, which is why you may not be hearing about job opportunities. It could be a better ideas to use a staffing agency to try on a few jobs before you settle on an expensive and life altering move across country.







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