Team-Building Activities to Bring Your Workforce Closer Around the Holidays


With all the cheerful spirits and excitement, the holiday season is the perfect time to bring your team together for some bonding. It can also be an opportune time to plan some team-building activities that bring the workplace closer around the holiday months. Just before you send them off for a few days with their friends and family, here are some activity ideas to try around the most wonderful season of all.

Secret Santa

One of the most popular team activities to do during the holiday months is a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. Have a team luncheon and then draw names out of a hat. Each person must buy or make three small gifts for their person and deliver them secretly to their desk or office by the last day of work before the holiday break. This is a meaningful way for people to connect with each other and get to know each other throughout the season.

Indoor Winter Olympics

It may be cold outside, but baby it’s fun in the office! Transform your cubicles and hallways and break rooms to full game areas for indoor bowling, shuffleboard, hide and seek, and more. If you are in an area that allows outside play, turn the parking lot into an obstacle course, have some basketball or volleyball games, tug of war, and relay races.


The holidays are a great time to celebrate diversity of cultures and holiday festivities. Encourage employees to decorate their offices in a departmental theme, and then have a contest to judge the best decorations, the funniest decorations, the weirdest and the most original ideas. Have a potluck dinner to hand out prizes to the winning teams.

Survivor Office

This is a fun role-playing game that can bring out the best in people. Make up a scenario about your office being in the middle of a disaster and no one can leave the building for the day. Give each department a list of “survival” items they need to find around the office, and activities at stations they must do for food, shelter and water. Encourage employees to problem solve and work together to survive the next eight hours.

Stay safe and have fun with the above holiday team building activities for your employees this year.







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