Use a Personal Brand to Start Attracting Top-Tier Candidates

It’s common for companies to think that their corporate brand is more important than their personal brand. Well this might be true for a large well-known brands, for a smaller company the personal brand is part of the corporate brand.  Therefore, it’s up to every business to develop a strong personal brand in order to attract high performance candidates.

Here are some ways to start building an outstanding personal brand that will help your company reel in the best employees.

Understand what your brand is about

Your personal corporate brand is essentially what your company stands for, what it’s known for, and how the company is unique in the market. It’s not about being the best, but about being recognizable to the world. Keep this in mind when developing your brand for recruitment purposes.

Why would anyone want to work for your company?

The goal of a personal brand is to convince top tier candidates to get excited about coming to work for you. Think of what it will take to get people thinking about your company as an employer of choice. Could it be the great career opportunities, the above average salaries and benefits, or just the unique work environment you offer?

What kind of impression the company makes

From the moment that candidates are checking out a company for a potential job, they are subtly being exposed to the brand. Verify that your brand makes a positive impression on candidates as they review job openings, the career portal, news and marketing content, and more.

Personal branding with a partner

It’s possible to give your personal business brand a boost by partnering with a company that has an outstanding brand already. A staffing agency, like Advance Staffing, can elevate your business brand because we have a great reputation that thousands of candidates already know about. When we represent you as a client to our high performance job seekers, your business will shine.

Use the above tips when developing a strong brand that will impress the most desirable candidates for your company.




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