Underqualified Candidates Can Be a Valuable Company Asset


Very often, hiring managers are faced with the decision of what to do with great candidates who have the right personality and fit for a company, but lack certain qualifications of a job. It’s a shame, because they could have potential in the company’s future.

Have you ever wondered if an underqualified candidate could be a valuable asset to the company? Here are some reasons why.

Not every company has the budget for “superstar” candidates.

In the startup or rapid growth phases of companies, the funds may be limited in terms of offering a superstar candidate enough to convince them to join the company. Therefore, hiring an underqualified candidate at a slightly lower salary may make better sense. This person can be developed into an outstanding employee and over time can get a promotion to a higher earning bracket.

Underqualified candidates often make the most loyal employees.

It’s hard finding loyal employees nowadays. Especially with the younger generations, candidates are prone to skipping from job-to-job within a year or two. When you give an underqualified candidate an opportunity, they will generally be more loyal to the company. This grateful attitude will also help the company to develop the person into a future leader because of the need to prove themselves.

People can learn if they have the right qualities to begin with.

It’s really hard to say if there is such a thing as a perfect candidate. However, when you give an underqualified candidate a chance, they have the ability to learn new skills that will enable them to excel in the job. Focus on some of the more important traits that the candidate has; such as a positive personality, a track record with former employers, and their ability and desire to learn new things.

Refer underqualified candidates to partner companies.

You may not be able to give an underqualified candidate a career right now. This is ok. But do not dismiss this candidate. Instead, refer an underqualified candidate to a partner company or to an area of staffing agency that you work with. The candidate will appreciate a chance to be introduced to another opportunity, and you will not lose track of them. Who knows? The candidate may be the perfect fit in the future for your business.







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