Your Hiring Process Should Be All About Your Candidates

Your Hiring Process Should Be All About Your Candidates


In the last year, it’s become increasingly apparent that it’s a candidate-driven market. It’s only going to continue as unemployment rates drop and new companies move into the Detroit, MI area. With this in mind, when is the last time you looked at your company’s hiring process from the perspective of candidates? Do you think it’s positive, or does it create a negative experience?

Perhaps now would be a good time to start thinking about improving things so that it’s all about creating a warm and welcoming experience for candidates. Here are some suggestions for making this happen.

Reduce the time to apply

There is nothing more frustrating for candidates than spending hours filling out job applications, completing assessments, and submitting information online for a single job. Take hints from the top companies and revert to a single-page application form. Utilize LinkedIn recruiting to make this process even easier for candidates.

Respond promptly to candidates

When a candidate takes the time to apply for a job, they tend to like to be thanked for their time and effort. So too, candidates enjoy frequent and courteous updates to the status of their application, and after interviews. Set up an automated system for doing this that sounds personal, and then create a system for calling candidates within seven days to advise them on next steps.

Relax during job interviews

Instead of making job interviews so formal, why not create a nice relaxing environment for welcoming them and going through this process? Start with a meeting room right off the front entrance where candidates can be invited to sit and enjoy a cold water before the interview time. Then take candidates on a brief tour of the building. Once they are warmed up, conduct the interview in a comfortable area and make them feel at home.

Following up with candidates

A big part of the candidate experience is also understanding what will happen next and when they can expect to hear back on a decision. Provide a brief overview once you have completed the interview, with a time frame and next steps. Then check back in with candidates at regular intervals (like once a week) at the very least. If a candidate is not to be selected at this time, send a nice rejection letter along with a gesture of your appreciation (such as a gift card for a free lunch).


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