Facing a Talent Shortage? Here’s How to Improve Your Recruiting Strategy



One would think with all the latest technology that recruitment as a whole is more efficient. However, it is a candidate-driven market currently and therefore, the recruitment process has actually gotten longer. A recent Forbes report issued by Glassdoor.com estimated that the average length of an interview has actually doubled in the last five years, going from 12.6 days to 22.9 days. At the same time, top candidates are only on the market an average of about 10 days. This makes it a big challenge for most recruiters.

One of the reasons that recruitment has slowed down is because employers are now demanding more assessments and interviews before they even consider candidates for entry-level employment. New screening methods such as group interviews, personality tests, security screens, skills assessments, and advanced background and drug tests all tend to drag out the hiring timeline. Companies are more careful about the people they hire because it is a large investment.

However, it is possible to speed up the hiring process so that you can go after the best candidates before another competitor gets them. Consider the following tips to improve your recruiting strategy.

Candidates who are in high demand will probably be interviewing with several companies at once. You’ll want to make your compensation package and corporate culture very attractive in order to capture their attention.

Develop a reputation for being efficient in your hiring practices. When candidates know that if they deal with your company, they can expect to hear back quickly and your job recruitment process is responsive to their needs, they’re more apt to stay loyal to your company until a job offer is made.

Make the application process simple. Consider the use of mobile apps in your recruitment practices to quickly gather the information of your candidates and respond to them in kind. Think about candidates who may be remote to your company as well, and use video technology to handle the initial screening interview.

Let a staffing agency handle all the upfront details of a hiring process. Staffing agencies are very efficient when it comes to screening and evaluating candidates for employment opportunities. In fact, they probably already have candidates ready to go by the time you call the office.

By speeding up your recruitment processes, there’s a good chance that you will be able to acquire the talent that your company needs to be successful. Partner with Advance Staffing Solutions to improve your recruiting strategy today.







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