Don’t Want to Lose Your Job? Then Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes



Nearly everyone and their grandmother has a social media account today. It’s been estimated that people spend up to four hours per day checking in on their social networks. Job seekers are especially mindful of their social networks because they are continuously connecting with recruiters and hiring companies. However, they may accidentally do some things that will hurt their chances of getting hired.

Here are some mistakes that you’ll want to watch out for when using social media.

  • Potentially offensive posts.
    Statuses or updates on your social media profile about a co-worker, vulgar lyrics or quotes, or your political views could potentially offend someone. Take these types of posts off of your social media profiles while you search for work.
  • Unprofessional photos.
    If you’re using your personal social media profile , you’ll want to remove any unprofessional photos of yourself and your friends.
  • The appearance of stalking.
    It can be tempting to start checking out the social media profiles of human resource representatives of the companies you want to work for, however, this can make people uncomfortable if they consistently see you viewing their profile or “liking” their status, without a professional connection.
  • Any negative posts about your employer.
    Just as you shouldn’t badmouth an employer during an interview, you certainly don’t want to put those negative thoughts on your social media profiles. Writing something nasty about a co-worker or your boss can feel like a temporary relief of a grievance, it will not look well to a recruiter.
  • Any content that dates you.
    While they don’t mean to, recruiters can sometimes have unconscious biases when it comes to job seekers. They may review a social profile and guess a person’s age from the content that is presented, and if you seem out-of-date because of your content, you will lessen your likelihood of getting hired.
  • A profile that is new or has few connections.
    If you are brand new to social networking, that’s one thing, but if you create a profile specifically to be found online, you can throw off a recruiter who is wise to this tactic.
  • An account that does not allow messaging.
    Want recruiters to contact you? Your profile settings need to be enabled so that the recruiter can send you a message about a job lead or contact you for further inquiries.

Take the time to review your social network profiles and clean them up for a successful job search. And if you need job search advice or assistance, contact the experts at Advance Staffing Solutions!







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